October Favorites: Friday's Fave Five

Friday October 15, 2010
It’s time to recount the week’s blessings. Thanks to Susanne of Living to Tell the Story for hosting. If you’d like to join in, visit Susanne.

Here are my favorites this week:

1. Being needed. Do you ever feel like you get all the blessing from a friendship sometimes, and you don’t get to give, in return? A friend who is always a blessing to me needed me this week, and I’m so glad I could listen and empathize. She is always there for me, in so many ways. It felt good to share the blessing.

2. Reviews. I got to read reviews some mom bloggers posted about my book on the blog tour, and that was so encouraging! (One was one of our FFF friends…and then another, Barbara from Stray Thoughts, posted one yesterday.) I wrote the book because I know how it is to feel outnumbered…and so do some of these moms. It was great to hear them say the book encouraged them and made them feel like they could mother a houseful of boys! More power to you, boy moms!

3. Some time off. It’s the end of the first quarter for us, so we have a couple of extra days off. ‘Twill be so nice…!

4. Anticipation. I do love fall. I love the colors, but I also love the fact that it leads up to two great holidays, and holidays mean family time. I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving! Also, my hubby and I treated ourselves to tickets for a special concert in November and one in December, and I’m already looking forward to our nights out. (Ever heard of Seraphic Fire? Their Youtube video went viral, and they became wildly popular. You can read about them here. They’re right here in our area!)

5. A word in verse from Christina Rosetti:

“Lord, purge our eyes to see
Within the seed a tree
Within the glowing egg a bird,
Within the shroud a butterfly.
Till, taught by such we see
Beyond all creatures, Thee.”

That’s where I see Him most clearly – in nature. I spend far too little time enjoying creation, but when I do, I leave with a renewed mind and spirit – taught by creation to see the Creator.

Hope all is well with you and you're all enjoying Fall. Have a wonderful week ahead!


Melissa said...

Glad you had such a good week! I like fall, too--especially the chances to stay indoors in soft comfortable clothes and curl up to read. :)

Melli said...

I gave your book to the young mother of 3 boys from my church last night - she was SO appreciative! I know it will be a blessing to her!

I had NOT ever heard of Seraphic Fire, but they are FABULOUS! I went to YouTube... Oh you are really going to ENJOY that concert!

Susannah said...

I always enjoy your FFF! Have a good weekend sister! (I'm doing Friday Funnies today.) I've never heard of Seraphic Fire. Thanks for the tip.

Faith said...

Great list..I also love the colors of autumn and am a huge "meeting God in nature" person as my spiritual temperament is Naturalist based on the characteristics in Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas...sounds like that's your spiritual temperament, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I do understand your #1. That's a blessing!

We had Monday off, too, and I forget to mention it!

I love Thanksgiving, too, and this one is especially poignant as the first one since our family scattered this summer.

I had never heard of Seraphic Fire, but I looked them up on You Tube. Glorious! I know you'll enjoy that concert!

Jerralea said...

I feel closer to God in nature, too. I love to sit near a body of water and gaze at the beauty He has made.

A couple of days off is definitely a favorite!

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, it is a blessing to be needed. Glad you had that opportunity with your friend. I read Barbara’s review of your book; it sounds wonderful! So proud of you. Love Christina Rosetti’s poem: I want to have that vision, too. Thanks, Laura.

Karen said...

Love God's handiwork, too! All my FFF are, I'm glad it's Friday, I'm glad it's Friday..... :)

ellen b. said...

I love what God has created for us to enjoy and I do sense Him well in his creation. I'm glad you were able to give to your friend who's a giver. Enjoy your time off!

Donnetta said...

How wonderful that your friend had you in her life during this time when you could be a blessing to her.

Enjoy your time off and how fun to have the concerts to be looking forward to!

I, too, tend to see God quite clearly in nature. There's just something about it...

Happy Weekend!

Brenda said...

That is the wonderful thing about friendship, sometimes we get blessed and sometimes we have the opportunity to bless.

Nice to have reviews on your book!

Marg said...

thanks for sharing your heart felt blessings this week. I love boys...my two little grand boys are the best...running with them in the back 40, playing hide n seek...playing in the mud...
I'm looking forward to checking out your book. Congratulations.

Gattina said...

Yes, good friends are very precious. Friends you choose, family you inherit, lol !
I don't like fall, it makes me sad it announces winter !

Susanne said...

I'm the same as you, I most see God clearly in nature. There are so many things He whispers about Himself to me in nature that I don't pick up on otherwise. Love that quote.

I'm so glad your book is getting great reviews on it's tour. So exciting.

Our Thanksgiving just came and went. The family time was wonderful.

Melinda said...

I'm thinking of Thanksgiving, too, Laura. I almost love it as much as Christmas! Glad your book tour is going so well. ;0)

mdforkids said...

Ooh, I love all the anticipation of this time of year too. I'm looking forward to reading your book, it sounds amazing!

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