Veterans and The Women Who Love Them: Gratitude Checkup #5

Thursday November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day - a day to remember those who serve and have served. But today, in my ever-present state of gratefulness, I'm thankful not only to those who served but those who love and have loved from afar.

I'm thinking of the women in our soldiers' lives -- the moms, the wives. I find that I too often forget their sacrifices and struggles.

A dear friend of mine recounted a family outing with her veteran son and his young family a couple of weeks ago, and it really got me thinking. They were all having a great time...but Mom glimpsed at her son and noticed his heart was heavy, his steps slow.

He stopped to rest and she fell back to see if he was all right. He was one of the lucky ones to return from war. After surgeries and recuperation, he seems great. But he still suffers physical weakness at times when old injuries are pushed to their limit. And his heart? Full of love for his family, his Creator, and his country, it still struggles a bit at times to keep pace with life around him.

Crowds, noises encroach on him and memories invade. Life is changed after war. It's never quite the same.

Moms and wives of our soldiers deal with lasting wounds every day. I'm blessed to know my friend, who shares her struggles. I'm privileged to think of her, pray for her.

Thank a soldier or two today.
And remember the women in their lives.


Unknown said...

What a lovely tribute. Its good to remember the other side of a Veteran's sacrifice, those left behind.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh yes, it is good to remember the veterans. I'm thinking of my own sweetheart, for the four years he served at the beginning of our marriage, and of my brother in law, who has been away from his family, at war, way too many times. They sacrifice so much!

Karen said...

Laura, you made me cry. I love you dear friend and for the support you give.

Rebecca, bless you and your family for serving.

Mary said...

My FIL told me a long time ago "Those who wait also serve". I realize that's not his words, but I've never forgotten that, and repeat it many, many times.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, Laura, I'm so glad you posted this, honey. We owe our lives to those men and women who will never be the same...

We were in a Border's today, and they had a box marked, "VA Donations." When I asked what it meant, they said you could buy a bag of coffee and they'd give it to the VA hospital. $11 seemed a tiny price for me to pay to say, "Thanks for keeping us free."

mdforkids said...

Beautiful post Laura. Thank you and prayers for all the soldiers and moms and wives.

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