Just a Little Update

Wednesday January 26, 2010

I'm a contributor!

To your left is a copy of a book just published by Barbour Publishing called Book Lover's Devotional. It contains devotionals based on sixty works of classic literature, and I got to write ten of them.

It was great fun for me, and great exercise as well. Try distilling the story of one of your favorites down to 400 or so words, paralleling a devotional thought. It was easier said than done -- I had to cut and cut my first attempts.

My contributions are on these works: The Count of Monte Cristo, Crime and Punishment, Faust, The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, Les Miserables, The Odyssey, Paradise Lost, Romeo and Juliet, and Silas Marner.

Another fun thing about this book is that one of my writer friends, Jean Wise (another Kindred Heart Writer), contributed too. Really fun to be in the same book. On our Kindred Heart Writers blog, I posted this week about the process.

Other updates? Some of you have asked how I'm Outnumbered is selling. The publisher says it's right on target with first-time authors so far. I'd love to see it jump and surpass that, of course.

Have you bought I'm Outnumbered? (If so, thanks!) Did you enjoy it?

Consider Valentine's Day, Mother's Day...is there another mom out there who would enjoy it? Get her a copy!

I'm working on a proposal for another nonfiction book now, and I have a completed novel out there looking for a home.

That's my update. How are things with you?


Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Exciting stuff, Laura! Congratulations on the new devotional-- you've piqued my curiosity...think I'll have to pick this one up. :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm excited about the devotional book. That sounds like something I'd LOVE!
Good luck on all your other projects! Very exciting!

Melissa said...

I love to hear updates, especially when all the news is happy! :)

Last night I thought of a church friend who would love the Book Lover's Devotional. She's always quoting classic literature that I've never read. ;)

I'm Outnumbered would be a fabulous Mother's Day gift!

Johnnie Alexander said...

Congrats, again! I love to see your writing dreams coming true*

Amy Sullivan said...

You rock! What a great idea. Are you going to give us a teeny, tiny hint about the topic of the next book.

Come on, come on!

Laura said...

What a wonderful idea for a devotional! I love to read about books. :) And you list some of my faves as your contributions. Awesome,Laura. And congrats to you!

Diane said...

Congrats on the contribution. Happy News. :O)

Karen said...

Yay, Laura! So proud of both of you! I need to get me a copy. Love the Outnumbered Mom book, it's great!

Susan DiMickele said...

So totally exciting for you! What a great next step in your writing journey. And so thrilled that I'm Outnumbered is plugging along. It's all about staying in the game (or is it praying in the game)!

You know I have a soft spot for first-time authors!

Stephanie M. Page said...

ok, I am sharing a dream, I want to write a book or two or 5?? no really, I have started a few and look forward to reading and learning more from you. =)

Michelle DeRusha said...

Wow, Laura - congratulations on your inclusion in the literature/devotios book -- what a cool idea that is!

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