Listening and Doing: Hear It, Use It

Monday February 21, 2011

A picture of that little boy flashed through my mind again.

You know, the one I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

Sunday’s sermon was about building a spiritual treehouse. Noah built his “house” – albeit a floating one – out of a tree or two, and it provided him and his family all the protection they needed.

You know how you’ve read and heard a story over and over and this time, a verse just jumps out at you? That’s what happened to me.

Genesis 6:22 says, “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.”

Wow. Everything. He didn’t vary the number of cubits or add an extra window or door. He didn’t take four of his favorite animals and leave the mosquitoes behind.

No, he did everything just as God had commanded him.

You can see why I flashed back to that little boy, frozen at his mama’s voice. Noah listened…and then he did – exactly as he was told.

I’m pretty sure I can use this concept in my own life on Monday and on Tuesday and on Wednesday and … you get the picture!

Linking up today with Michelle at Graceful for Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday.


Unknown said...

As I've been reading through the OT, it just never fails to get me how exact God was in His instructions. And when something was not built or done to specifications...people died. It's a lot to stomach and I'm really glad that I'm around after Jesus so that I can experience so much grace. But, I think that it's such a good lesson when we know that He says things because HE LOVES US. Because He wants to protect us. Because He wants to bless us. Because He knows what is best. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Indeed we can use this picture of EVERYTHING. I am sure I will need the pokes of reminders throughout the week!

Thank you for sharing!

Amy Sullivan said...

I wonder what I would do if I felt God commanded me to do something outrageous like build an ark. I want to believe I would listen and follow, but I'm pretty sure I would ignore and justify.

Deidra said...

Me too. What Amy said. :)

Michelle DeRusha said...

I'm plodding through the OT, too, so I can relate to what you write and what Jen says above -- God is very specific in His commands...and so few are very exact in their obedience. Sounds familiar -- I am lax in my obedience to God.

Amy and Deidra made me think of the movie Evan Almighty -- have you seen it? I really enjoyed that movie, because it did make me think indeed: would I follow God's commands at the expense of everything else? Even my reputation?

Thanks so much for linking up today, Laura -- delighted to have you there!

Karen said...

Oh, Laura, is that possible. I seem to miss on several points all the time. Noah, was some man, huh?

rjerdee said...


Susan DiMickele said...

That verse jumped out at me too as I read your post. Can you imagine what it would be like to do EVERYTHING God commanded?

I love Noah's example.

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