Simple Graces of February: Friday's Fave Five

Friday February 4, 2011

Time for a rundown of my favorite things from this week. Once again, a great time to look back and count your blessings! Thanks to Susanne from Living to Tell the Story for hosting. Visit Susanne and join us.

Here are five of my week’s blessings:

1. A nice South Florida night with the chiminea. Right before Thanksgiving, we invested in some nice patio furniture and a chiminea – a clay fire chimney – for our backyard. We got it all set up, and then it turned warm at night. We needed a nice, crisp, cool evening to fire it up. We got that last week, so we built a fire and sat in our new chairs. It was fun and relaxing. I look forward to more evenings like that.

2. Another radio interview on the horizon. My publisher emailed this week to say that they’d received another radio interview request – this time, for a station in Wisconsin. It will tape February 15. I’m excited!

3. A surprise book review. A new reader left a comment on my blog that led me to email and ask her how she heard about I’m Outnumbered. She mentioned a review that posted two days ago, unbeknownst to me. And there was some FFF involvement, too. Barbara of Stray Thoughts recommended the book to Carrie of Reading to Know who wrote this nice review! Thanks, ladies!

4. Anticipation – on several fronts. Later this month, we’re going to get to see little Aiden and check in on my mom. You can imagine how I’m looking forward to that! Also, there’s a new job possibility for my oldest son, and it looks very positive. And there are a couple of things on the horizon in the writing realm. My agent is taking a one-sheet about my novel to a conference next week where he hopes to get some interest. And the Florida Christian Writers Conference is coming up – a chance to learn, network, and hug on my Kindred Heart Writer friends. Lots to look forward to!

5. A quote to take to heart this month.

Be thankful for the smallest blessing, and you will deserve to receive greater. Value the least gifts as the greatest and simple graces as special favors. If you remember the dignity of the Giver, no gift will seem small or mean, for nothing can be valueless that is given by the Most High God. (Thomas a Kempis)

In the midst of winter, as we wait with bated breath for spring, it’s easy to get weary. But if we look for the gifts – if we enjoy the “least” ones and we value the simple graces as special – the ordinary takes on an entirely different hue.

Enjoy the simple graces in the week ahead.


rjerdee said...

Lots to anticipate, Laura!

I'm happy for the improvement in Florida's poor frozen palms...the air now has a breath of spring every now and then...:)

Shonya said...

Hi, I'm a new reader from the currently cold and snowy state of MO who is rather coveting your nice FL night! :)

I found your blog earlier this week from Carrie's amazing review of your book and have been perusing your chapter summaries. As I finished reading them this morning, I've decided I can't wait for the giveaway--I'm just going to have to order a copy of the book now, and if I win Carrie's copy. . .I have friends with boys!! :D

Kari said...

So many blessing Laura, how beautiful. congratulations on the radio interview - that's great.
what a very true quote, we have to intentionally look for the blessing.
Happy weekend

Susanne said...

Carrie gave you a wonderful review! I'm so happy your book is reaching moms of boys all over.

Great quote!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful week! I'm glad that your book is getting continuing attention! And I'm with Shonya: I'll take that cool crisp evening over the frigid snowy ones we've been having! :)

Karen said...

Great list, Laura, your week holds lots of promise for things to come! The chimnea sounds wonderful and is something I'd love to have. It would be especially inviting with the freezing temps we've had this week!

Karyn said...

congratulations on the interview and the review! So exciting.

You do have lots to look forward to. Sounds like a good month ahead.

An evening around a little fire sounds lovely...and in my case, a long way off. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Anticipation is wonderful - especially when it contains the kind of things you are looking forward to: family, answered prayer, and writing possibilities.

These are no small blessings. But I do appreciate the message of your quote!

Faith said...

SOunds like you had a great week and I love the anticipation in your words. I also really appreciate your thots at the end....that was excellent and I'm gonna copy (once again!!) that quote!! have a blessed weekend!!

Brenda said...

That chiminea sounds wonderful! My husband is in southern Florida right now and he is really enjoying it.

Lisa notes... said...

So glad you have another radio interview scheduled. Praying your book continues to sell more and more copies! Sounds like you have some great things on the horizon.

Willow said...

Laura, How exciting! Reviews, interviews, and novel interest! It sounds like a great beginning to February. I'm leaning toward the idea of buying a chiminea because I love a wood fire but have no reason to have a fireplace inside my home. Photos??

Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

This is a great list.
Sitting out by a fire is sooooo far away from us until all the snow is removed. So glad to hear others have picked up on your book and what a nice review. Another radio review, exciting!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting a clay chimney like that. It's been too cold to sit outside much, but for cool nights in the spring and fall it would be lovely.

So exciting to have a radio interview coming up and possibilities for the new book as well as the writer's conference!

I am so happy to have been instrumental in getting your book to someone who loved it!

Gattina said...

Sitting here in the cold I am jalous about your South Florida nights !
You have quiet nice things to do in the coming weeks.
I have been very often in Egypt (10 times) yes it's sad what happened, but also necessary. Mubarak was good in the beginning, but after 30 years the country needs a changement. Unfortunately there are hooligans and illiterated people who just want to demolish without understanding why. It's if you set a Kindergarten free. The educated people are behaving completely different of course.
I hope that by November it's all settled again, because I want to go back as each year ! The Egyptians are such nice people at least at the Red Sea.

Mama Mia said...

Oooo, the chiminea sounds lovely! Glad you got the chance to enjoy it.

Love the quote-- Thomas a Kempis is a favorite of mine! :o)

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