Mamalove and Magic: Friday's Fave Five

Friday April 1, 2011

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five.

Join me as I look back at the week's blessings.
If you’d like to join us, visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to find out how.

Here are my favorites from this week:

1. A box of books. I ordered some books, and they came the other day. I can think of little that makes me smile like a box of books in the mail. After reading so much about One Thousand Gifts, I have my own personal copy. And I ordered a book about writing fiction that I’m planning to dive into this summer.

2. No jury duty. I got a summons in the mail, but it was for “call-in” jury duty. I had to plan and get a sub and get everything all set…and then call in on Thursday after 5:00 to see if they would need me today. I do find it interesting to serve, but this really was a bad time. I was relieved to get the message that I’d been excused. So much to do at school and with play rehearsals…I needed to be there.

3. Just plain old encouragement and heart-warming stuff. From comments to others’ posts, I’ve read a lot of heartwarming, encouraging things this week. Does a heart good.

4. Mamalove. Through the good and bad, the peaks and valleys, I’m blessed to be a mom. I’m just crazy about my boys, in the good and bad, through the easy and rough. One of my sons had a rough week, but he’s pulling through. I just hate to see my kids hurt or be stressed. The mama in me just wants to make it all better. The best part is that I can sleep at night, knowing they’re in better, bigger, and stronger hands than mine.

5. Books boys like. I love teaching World Lit to sophomores, and I especially love it when my non-readers enjoy a book. We’re reading Lord of the Flies right now, and my boys are so into it. I love to see them pull for the underdog and criticize the bully for how he treats one who’s different. I love it when they see that the one most boys considered an outsider had a heart and wisdom – and when they realize he should have been listened to. Big life lessons there.

*Bonus! I can’t get away without a quote. It’s not deep or theological or profound…but it’s magical. I’ve heard it sung over and again this week and will hear it in my sleep in the next week, I’m sure. My heart just warms when Peter Pan sings:

“And that’s my home where dreams are born
And time is never planned.
Just think of lovely things
And your heart will fly on wings
In Never Never Land.”

How neat – to have a home where dreams are born.
And I’m convinced that some time should intentionally be left unplanned.
And thinking of lovely things? That’s what we’re to dwell on – what’s lovely.

Maybe it’s a little deep and theological and profound after all. All I know is it makes my heart warm. Hope it does that for you, too.


Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Sweet post, Laura. So glad you got One Thousand Gifts-- my copy is already underlined, high-lighted, and dog-earred. The book itself is a Gift.
Be blessed!!

Hazel said...

I love that quote too! A week that involves books is an excellent one in my books. I love how your sophomores are taking in knowledge they're getting from literature.

Jean Wise said...

The quote is wonderful. love it. and your list is encouraging and inspiring to read. I especially like the part of the non readers getting into books. wow how rewarding for teachers and mothers.

Michelle said...

I love, love, love books as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love receiving a box of ordered books, too.

Glad they didn't need you for jury duty.

Lovely list!

Susan DiMickele said...

One thousand gifts is a keeper!

I'm reading it, but put it aside until I can really take it in. So it's a good plan to keep it for the summer.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Faith said...

love your thots at the end here!
Now, Lord of the Flies was one that my oldest did NOT enjoy at all nor did I when I had to read it long ago in high school....guess it's a boy thing? Lol....and guess what! i have a gift card to our local Christian bookstore and Ann Voskamp's book is the first item on my want to buy list! a friend of mine owns it and says it's great! have a blessed weekend....

Brenda said...

So nice that you were excused from jury duty, its important but so stressful! Its true what you say about being a mom, we really experience our childrens emotions.

Marg said...

I just received 1000 Gifts also. It' sitting on the coffee table with your book...You write in the most heartwarming style. That keeps me coming back.
I remember "Lord of the Flies" And I love your quote.

The Farmer Files said...

You are going to love 1000 gifts. The videos after each chapter than the book club published at (in)courage were awesome as well.

Karen said...

Ahh, Laura, in the midst of the 100 things you do each day, this post is filled with joy and spirit. Love it!

Susanne said...

Books in the mail is one of my favorite things!

My daughter did not like Lord of the Flies at all. She's finding the required reading for grade 11 quite dark and depressing, in fact.

I loved your Mamalove fave. It's such a relief to know that we can cast all our cares on Him, including our children's cares.

Karyn said...

I'd never heard of One Thousand Gifts so I went to check it out. It is now on my Amazon wish list for the next time I order books. (I also love getting books in the mail)

It is good to read encouraging posts, isn't it? And especially encouraging to get uplifting comments. You are always good at that!

I can totally relate to the 'mamalove' point.

Jen said...

I was one of those non-readers for a very, very long time. It took bed rest and a very patient friend who kept bringing me books before I learned to love to read. Both my kids, 16& 8, love to read!
Getting anything in the mail is fun!

Have a great week!

Jientje said...

I love that magical poem!

Willow said...

I love being a mom too and I completely understand the wanting to kiss the boo-boos and make everything all better no matter how old they are. And yes, it's comforting to know that Our Heavenly Father never sleeps and never takes His eyes off them.

Have a great, if very busy, week ahead!

Catherine said...

Hooray for books! I love books, we have so many books, and we always have out noses in them. My boys are so funny, they are always reading out lout to me and to each other, even as they are reading their own books! I love 1,000 gifts. It made me start journaling, and I will treasure the pages forever. Best of all is the gift of perspective. I hope you love it, too.

Thanks for being such an encourager of us boy moms. sometimes, I'm lost at sea, I'll admit it. Testosterone baffles me, but I love it. I'm glad you got back some of what you give.

Thanks for the wonderful quote, too! ~Catherine

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