Put Down Your Palm: Hear It on Sunday, Use It on Monday

Monday April 18, 2011

I have the hardest time with Palm Sunday.

The shouts, the praises, the adulation, the hosannas…it seems a lovely picture. Christ carried down a path covered with the cloaks of well-wishers, fanned by palms, feted with praise.

But what were they praising? One who would deliver them, change their circumstances. Oppressed by the Romans, these well-wishers lionized the One they thought would rescue them – sweep in, perhaps in military or political fashion, and make everything all right.

Suddenly the praise rings hollow to me. I don’t understand how, why we celebrate these misguided worshippers, this adoring crowd that would turn to a mob in just a few days.

I have the hardest time with Palm Sunday, until

…the pastor says, “What do you praise Him for? What do you look for Him to do?”

I step back, and I see myself in the crowd.

Just like those palm-waving worshippers, I look for Him to deliver me, to change my circumstances. Too often, I stand by the road and wave the palm, but I don’t follow behind Him down the hard road.

I had the hardest time with Palm Sunday. Then I saw it differently.

For me, Palm Sunday will forever be a reminder. I will hear the hosannas, and they will resound with conviction.

May I put down my palm and join Him on the road.

Linking up today with Michelle at Graceful for Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday.


Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Well said, Laura! have a blessed day. :)

Unknown said...

Somewhere in the bible it says that if we remain silent the rocks will cry out in praise. I shout Hosanna.

Debbie said...

Very insightful. I love the thought that we need to praise him in celebration, then continue to do the hard part and follow when it's not so easy.

Michelle DeRusha said...

I thought something very similar yesterday as I listened to the reading and the sermon. I realized I would have reacted the same way: eagerly anticipating great change from Jesus...and then wracked with disappointment when it didn't turn out the way I expected. And then, the second realization: that I have these same expectations and yes, disappointments even today when I accuse him of not listening to me, or not helping me in the way I want and expect.

Point well-taken...and thank you for linking up such thoughtful commentary with Hear It, Use It.

I wish you and your lovely family a blessed Holy Week, Laura. And thank YOU for blessing me with your friendship and grace.

Leslie said...

Yes. Sometimes it IS hard to pick up our crosses. I, for one, would love to be delivered from my chronic illness. But for now, He chooses to be my strength in the midst of it. I like the way you told this story...

HeARTworks said...

I know when I'm having a hard time, Jesus is right beside me, prodding me on. What do I praise Him for? Myriads of things I know I take for granted, but most of all because if I do my best, He can always be depended on to do the rest. Patsy from

Unknown said...

I've not heard this perspective before. I see this in my own life. Isn't it amazing how we can so easily criticize in others something that is at the core of us? I would be right there in that crowd, too. My prayer is that I would also be on the road later in the week, suffering with Him.

Faith said...

excellent..I"ve never thot of it that way but I LOVE it....Happy Holy Week, Laura and if I don't get back here this week (we're on spring break and I'm trying to get a plethora of projects accomplished) then have a HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!!!!

Susan DiMickele said...

It's true. Palm Sunday is bitter sweet. They were praising the King that they wanted but did not know. But we get to praise the King we know! Very thought provoking Laura.

Jessica Heights said...

Amen...very well said!

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