Throwing Up My Hands

Tuesday June 28, 2011

I love how God does it.
Beauty in the unexpected.
Grace in the everyday.
A diamond in the rough.

The gem nestled in the hills after a long, circuitous trip.
Thanksgiving, even after being swallowed by a great fish.

We have our plans, our agendas, our hopes and dreams.

But His are bigger and greater, sometimes encompassing ours and sometimes totally overshadowing them, but always in His loving way.

If we just throw up our hands and let Him lead, oh, the places we'll go.

Lead me, Lord.

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Unknown said...

amen. i feel so ridiculous when i realize i've been holding tight to something instead of letting god - who is perfect and powerful - take it. great words.

Unknown said...

As everyone seems to be planning and preparing for this upcoming conference, I've just not been called to prepare...just yet. It is my nature to start jumping in before I'm called, but this was sweet confirmation that I need to throw up my hands and allow God to be sovereign.

Faith said...

awesome...I need to just throw up my hands more this week and let God......thanks for this!!

Debbie said...

For a variety of reasons, I'm late reading posts to the Soli Deo Gloria party. AND ALSO, for a variety of other reasons, God spoke to me very specifically with this straight-to-the-point post.

Thank you!

Jean Wise said...

Lots of spirit in this post. love it. I love the statement, God is always more.

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