Family Fun for the School Year

Wednesday August 31, 2011

Want to make each month special?

Join in on Meaningful Family Fun for the School Year.

Near the end of each month, I’ll be posting ideas you can use to make the next month special. Celebrate all year long! September is coming, so get ready for some family fun.

The concept: Celebrate each month on the first Saturday or the first of the month – or pick the day that works best for your family.

What to do? Well, take your pick!
* Make (using contact paper) or buy fall-colored placemats.

* Talk about Labor Day and how we can honor God in the work we do. Take a trip to the library for books or videos about different professions. (Or you can do this ahead of time and have them ready for your September celebration.) Use the opportunity to discuss what your kids want to do and be and accomplish in life.

* Let each child make a September poster, using fall colors or maybe illustrating what they want to be.

* As you choose a September verse for the family, emphasize God’s care and guidance for us and the assurance of His presence in new situations (like a new school year).

Happy September!

What about you? Can you share some fun fall family traditions or do you have an idea for a new one?

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