The Classics

Thursday September 1, 2011

I'm reading them again.

I teach the classics, but there are some I missed along the way or read all too long ago. Now I'm taking a class and the required reading is taking me down that beloved path.

The ancient writings bequeathed us the image of the hero. The classics elicit greatness of soul -- man at his best, striving. And even in the ancient myths, we see man's striving toward God. Louise Cowan writes, "The basis of the Greek heroic paradox is that human beings must aspire to divinity and yet because of their mortality fail to achieve it."

And when we look at their spirit of nobility and excellence in a framework of Biblical understanding, we can appreciate the "whatsoever is good, true, honest" knowing that the power to embody those today comes only from Him.

I do love the classics. They'll be my simple pleasure for a lifetime to come.

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Shonya said...

Ooooooh, teach me, teach me! LOL I'm enjoying reading many for the first time and revisiting others with a more experienced perspective. Our book club choice for next month is "Their Eyes Were Watching God" which I've never read.

(And in response to your comment on my blog, yes, Destry has read The Scarlet Pimpernel and enjoyed it, and Briana, my daughter, has read it twice and LOVED it! smile)

Catherine said...

Nodding my head in full agreement!

Lynn said...

Ah yes, a wonderful simple pleasure that takes us far beyond our boundries in mind and soul. Enjoy your class and the classics.

Faith said...

oh how my oldest and I LOVE the classics and my preteen is starting to have an appreciation for them too. have fun with the reading/teaching.

Kay K said...

Enjoy ............

Nikki (Sarah) said...

it all sounds so romantic.....and awesome.

Susan DiMickele said...

Ok, I'm with you here. We have plenty to read right now, but would like your "list" for a growing boy (and younger sisters).

Did you cover this in your book - ? I am forgetting.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I concur!

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