Appreciation and Anticipation: Friday's Fave Five

Friday September 2, 2011 Can you name five blessings from your week? Susanne from Living to Tell the Story hosts Friday’s Fave Five each week. Click on over and see her if you’d like to join in!

Here are my favorites for this week:

1. Knowing there's a long weekend coming up.
Looking forward to sleeping a bit, breakfast out with the hubby, and the completion of a project or two. A couple of things have been hanging over my head, and I’ll be glad to get them all done and start next week fresh.

2. Familiarity / Feeling comfortable. It’s easy to complain about doing the same thing over and again, but I’m loving the comfortable feeling I have in my classroom. Last year I had a new prep, and this year I’m really appreciating the fact that I don’t. Kids ask if I don’t get bored teaching the same thing over and over, but they’re the ones that make it different! And once you reach that comfortable spot, you can branch out and do the fun, creative, inspiring stuff you wished you had time for before.

3. Anticipation. October is my birthday month and hubby has [rather uncharacteristically] dreamt up something to surprise me. He has mapped out ten clues leading up to it. I get my first one this weekend. I’m surprised already and excited!

4. Links. I love getting links from my boys! This week the youngest sent me and his brothers a link for an article he read for his Writing for Media class, and it was great. Every week, I get a link from one or two of them—it lets me see what they’re thinking and reading. I love it.

5. This quote:

“Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.” (Henry Clay)

I see this in my classroom every day. Some kids say, “Thank you” when I hand their papers back. And when I thank them for helping in even a small way, those teenaged faces light up. Who doesn’t love being appreciated? I vow to do more appreciating!

I appreciate you and your visit—and hope you have a great week ahead.


Susan DiMickele said...

My fav this week is anticipation of a long weekend. I have 20 family members coming in for a cookout on Sunday and I just can't wait.

Thanks for your recent encouragement!

Unknown said...

me too on one and two! i am having a terrific year in the classroom. can't wait to hear what your husband does for you next motnh.

Jean Wise said...

Yes appreciation is a powerful emotion. Love your hubby. what a creative loving idea he has and he is!

Gattina said...

We didn't have a long weekend, we had one on August 15th. But as I am retired, long weekends are rather boring all shops are closed !

Susanne said...

How clever of your hubby. Sounds like fun.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend too. It's been such a hectic week I'm looking forward to down time.

Sounds like your school year is off to a great start.

Karyn said...

I loved reading your second point - you have such a lovely attitude about doing the same thing over and over.

I'm curious to hear about your hubby's surprise for you! What a great way to celebrate!

Willow said...

I completely agree with your #2. I don't particularly enjoy a new prep because I don't know the material or format as well. Like you, I like the comfort and creativity of the familiar.

Links from sons: priceless!

Enjoy your long weekend.

ellen b. said...

How fun that your husband has gone to all that effort for your birthday next month...
Have a wonderful long weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love anticipating long weekends! The birthday surprise sounds so fun.

Kathie said...

How fun to give clues to your bday surprise - you'll be anticipating with pleasure until the day arrives!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Catherine said...

How sweet of your husband to make your birthday so special! I love that!
It's also nice that your year is going well. I agree, courtesy and kindness go such a long way, and are often contagious!
I hope you enjoy your long weekend, and emails from your sons. It's great that they think of you, and want to share the things that interest them with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your thoughtful faves, Laura. And I appreciate your insight as to how you're using that comfortable feeling as a launch pad for fun new stuff.

Faith said...

oh Laura the birthday clues sound like so much fun! and how creative of your husband. I'm looking forward to getting back to the classroom my self although this year will be much different setting for me.....the middle elementary special needs kids as opposed to the kindergarten ones... and you are so right about the appreciation thing! have a restful weekend

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