Florida Autumn

Saturday September 17, 2011

I'm linking up with Jenny Matlock today for Saturday Centus. You'll see Jenny's button at the bottom of the post if you'd like to link up anytime this week.

Today's prompt is "In the Autumn." Jenny says if we do it right, our poetic offering should fit the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." The prescribed word count this week is 32 words. As you read or sing mine, as the case may be, remember the poet grew up in beautiful Kentucky and southern Indiana, but now hails from South Florida.

: : :

In the Autumn, how I long
For a cool breeze, oh so strong.
Down below the other states,
Florida, for fall must wait.

No crisp air, no leaves that turn
Just sunshine and waves that churn.

: : :

Had I just two more lines, I would have reminded you that it will be heavenly here in late November through March and that perhaps that will atone for our autumn heat.

Happy Fall, ya'll!

Jenny Matlock


Judie said...

Don't forget that the marshes turn to gold and rust in the fall. I love that! And your photo makes me want to jump in the car and head back to the coast!!!

Nonna said...

Lovely poem...Great job !
We look so forward to Autumn in Northeast Florida too...we get the seasons but NO snow...love that !

Lynn said...

Love it and your pic! Enjoy the sunshine and waves:@)

Ames said...

Yep that is the way it is for us poor Floridians! It's a treat to drive a little way into Georgia and see slight color change. ~Ames

Kindred Heart Writers said...

And I will be there for the good part and in Illinois for the good part here.Clella

Viki said...

Very cute and clever. I forget a lot of states don't have the same change of seasons we do. I guess you get used to what you've grown up with though. Good centus.

To the Toy Box and Beyond said...

great job Here in WI I think we missed fall It is so cold

Unknown said...

Jenny's challenge this week lets us see how different our climates are.
Very nice rendition. It is also singable.
Best wishes,
Anna's SC wk 72'In the Autumn'

Cheryl said...

You really nailed it with this. I love FL in late fall through mid-winter. I'd send golden leaves and snow if I could.

Dazee Dreamer said...

dang. you poor thing. NOT. I'm a smidge jealous. OK

Unknown said...

I grew up in FL and can remember wearing shorts and tees well into November. I moved a little farther north later on in life and was (still am!) amazed at the beauty of the leaves changing.

Beautiful poem!

Jenny said...

Wow! That was totally perfect! I sang right along with it!

You really rocked this tough prompt! And totally captured the spirit of Autumn in the states it forgets to arrive!

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