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Saturday September 17, 2011

Mothers of Boys

I’ve never parented a girl through the teen years, but I can tell you that mothering a boy through them can be a roller coaster.

I did it and survived—four times!

So hang on. Get prayed up and put your patience hat on. And know you’re not alone.

For a few ideas on how to lessen the anxiety, click on over to the MOB Society and read my post there.


Faith said...

hi Laura! i wanted to answer your question i saw on my FFF. yes, I work part time although my contract says "60% full time." my hours in the classroom are 8-12:30 5 days a week and 8-11 2 days a week. This year is strange as they moved me outta kindergarten (without consulting me or asking) and i'm in 2 different rooms most of the day (ASC 1 which is nonverbal children ages 5-7...they are multiply impaired altho 2 are beginning to talk) and the upper room ASC2 which is autistic children ages 7-12). i'm praying they move me back to kindergarten where i was in charge of 4-6 special needs (mainly language impaired, my field of expertise) 5-6 year olds. This year is just crazy. OH..and you know i have a teen girl and an almost teen girl...and wow...it's been quite the ride. age 14 was THE WORSE! LOL...now life is much easier with her at 18 :)

Unknown said...

we have a 17 yr old boy from Mongolia right now.. he seems to have more 'teen issues' than my 3 boys combined..... But maybe he is just going through an adjustment period....

Victoria said...

I'm completely convinced that if I can survive this girl's preschool years then her teen years should be a breeze!

I love your post. And while there are real differences between parenting boys and girls I'm sure that the basics are still very much the same and the points you made are true either way.

Melanie - Author/Editor/Publisher said...

I have a 13 yr old stepdaughter and I will tell you I do NOT like the teen years so far; the moods, the attitude, the looks {shudder}

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