The Teenage Eye Roll

Tuesday October 11, 2011
Have you ever been the recipient of the dreaded teenage eye roll?

It's one of my least favorite reactions, and so common today. Need some ideas on how to counteract it? Click on over to The Moms of Boys Society and check out my post there today.

It's written to moms of boys, but whether yours and boys or girls, you'll be able to commiserate.

After I wrote that post, I began thinking about mental eye rolls...mine, in fact. You know, those times when God gives you something you don't expect -- one more task, another sibling fight to settle, an unexpected burden. There have been those times when I've sighed and thought, "Really? One more thing to deal with today?" And if He'd been in the room, well, I hate to say it but He just might have been the recipient of an eye roll.

Yikes. What am I thinking? Once again, motherhood and writing about it leads me back to my own flaws and foibles -- and my need for Him.

Thanks, Lord, for being there. For enduring my sighs and what must seem to You like an immature attitude. And most of all, for Your grace.

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Victoria said...

God has to get tired of me, His grown-up teenager. I know I get tired of having extra things to deal with! I don't have a teenager of my own but sometimes Sweet'ums acts 4 going on 16. She's given me her version of the eye-roll plenty of times. I'm in trouble if she's the same way ten years from now.

Jean Wise said...

I love it that we have a God what we can roll our eyes and shout at and generally complain and whine yet He just smiles and lovingly waits for us to turn back to him, run back to him and straight into his arms. good post, Laura!

Unknown said...

Teenage eye rolls? I get eye rolls from my 2nd grader. I strongly dislike them, too, but I know I've been guilty of giving far too many eye rolls to God as well. May I hold steady in my faith, may we all!, and resist being sassy to God.

Anonymous said...

just reading about eye rolls made me roll my own
wonder where it ever started.
I just started seeing it in this house from time to time...

Faith said...

awesome post!! and i get eye rolls from my 12 year started when she was about 8! yikes...and yup...i think, sadly, that I often "roll my eyes" at God sometimes....and I"m so thankful for His patience, mercy and grace!

Michelle DeRusha said...

I've never thought about it before, but you are right: I totally give God the eye-roll from time to time. Thanks for calling me to task, Laura!

Melanie - Author/Editor/Publisher said...

HATE the eye teen GIRL is notorious at that. But ahh, good call on what we do with God. A little convicting...yep : )

Susan DiMickele said...

Oh boy, I am so in for it. Not yet, but I have a few years!

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