Memories: Attitude of Gratitude

Thursday November 10, 2011

With my Attitude of Gratitude, I’m counting down to Thanksgiving, with a laser focus on a different subject every day.

Today? I’m thankful for what I remember. Can you name five memories you’re thankful for today?

1. Memories of happy, fun-filled childhood. So many memories to be thankful for there. Loving parents, a household of faith, close family all around. For awhile, we all lived close—aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins—and everyone’s birthday was celebrated at Grandmother’s house. Great times.

2. Memories of words. I’m thankful for a good memory—not photographic, but pretty good. Because of that, I have lines and poems and verses rolling around in my head, and I love that!

3. Memories from my college days. I had a great time in college, learning, acting, singing, speaking. And my roomie is still a treasured friend today. I just loved college life.

4. Memories from a bunch of years of marriage. (Over 30, actually…) No, it hasn’t all been easy; there have been hard times and stress, but the great memories easily overshadow those hard times. We’ve had sweetness and fun, adventure and teamwork…so much more.

5. Memories from my life with four boys. I know, it’s crazy—but it was great fun! There were days I just held on and wondered if I’d make it through, but I did survive. And I have some great memories from those jam-packed days and nights.

What about you? What memories are you thankful for?

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Susan DiMickele said...

Wow -- didn't realize you were 10 years ahead of me in marriage. I have a few things to learn from you! Seriously, I am so thankful too and you remind me that life with small children will go quickly.

I am thankful for our friendship Laura and for your vision to reach women.

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