Things I Hear: Attitude of Gratitude

Wednesday November 9, 2011
In my Attitude of Gratitude series, I'm giving thanks for specific things. Today, it's things I hear.

I'm thankful for these things I hear:

1. Music. I chose a picture of musical notes because music is important to me. I don't know how it got to be that way except that God put it in my soul. I'm no musical artist, but I love, love music. I listen in the car constantly. Music is one of my favorite parts of our worship service on Sunday.

2. The sound of a loved one's voice on the phone. So nice when you aren't close...and we are too far, geographically, from one another!

3. Laughter. Oh, it does my heart good. My husband knows how to make me laugh and my boys certainly do. And my students? We've had some rip-roaring times in my classroom, and everyone leaves feeling good after laughter.

4. High school voices raised in song. I think my students are especially talented, and their music teacher is a marvel. The sounds she gets out of them are just incredible. About 7 boys came to my room after school the other day and sang for me, and it was awesome.

5. The stories and songs and verses of His promises. I'm taking a class right now, and hearing of Him, His people, and the longing of the human heart for Him just warms my heart.

How about you? What are you thankful for that you can hear today?


Janna Leadbetter said...

Good theme, and a lovely list, Laura! What we hear enriches our lives so much.

Shonya said...

Amen and amen! What a great post and I agree with each point. I'm not a musician, but I am a music-lover, and I especially appreciated your point about laughter.

Jennifer @ said...

I'm leading worship this weekend at a retreat, and have been thinking about the power of worship ... of sound. Sometimes, I think I can hear better with my EARS than with my eyes. :) Does that make sense?

Faith said...

great post! saw your comment about talking with me sometime. My email should be on the profile page if you wanna email me. today i'm thankful for being able to hear NO INAPPROPRIATE NOISES coming from a certain autistic student...he has been working very hard on being appropriate in his regular 2nd grade classroom...and today the sound of silence was music to my ears :) OH..and my hubby telling me to go buy a new dress for his company xmas

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