People Who Bless: Attitude of Gratitude

Tuesday November 8, 2011

Gratitude is ever on my mind this month, so I decided to pen a few thank you notes to people who bless me.

I'm thankful for:

1. The aforementioned people. I wrote about these people yesterday; they're the ones who help me get through each day. The ones who reach out and hug or laugh or smile with me, in person.

2. My writer friends. My Kindred Heart Writer buddies -- Clella, Jeanie, Johnnie, Karen. They're heart friends, and I only get to see them once or twice a year. We're in contact every day though. They support me, encourage me, pray for me, even push me. I'm so thankful God put us together.

3. My family. From my mom to my sister, to my sweet boys, daughter-in-law, and grandson...and on over to the other side of the family, the one I married into. They're all so great and loving and supportive and fun. If I need encouragement, I don't have far to go with this bunch.

4. The blog bunch. Yes, that's you. Daily I'm blessed (if I make time to cruise around and read your words) by your honesty, your humor, your love for family and faith. I could start naming names, but you'd be here all day.

5. Those who've gone before. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but daily I'm blessed by the words of someone who walked this path before me. First and foremost, in the words of Scripture that begin each day for me. My love for literature is no secret and the truths found there bless me over and again. I'm thankful for those who fired that love in me--teachers, my sweet dad--and whose memory blesses me each day.

What about you? Can you name a few people who bless you, that you're thankful for?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this....It's important to remember those we are indebted to. It changes us, and blesses them!

Unknown said...

love this list. i am so thankful for my immediate family, my parents, my small group, my sister. they love and listen and laugh and cry with me. and i couldn't do life without them!

Jean Wise said...

AHHHH, I am thankful for you too, Laura!

Mama Shoe said...

My five men (4 boys and a hubby). They bless me, humble me, frazzle me, make me laugh, expect the best from me, and love me no matter what.

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