People: Attitude of Gratitude

Monday November 14, 2011
Continuing with my Attitude of Gratitude, who doesn’t like to be needed? So today, my focus is on being thankful for people who need me - people I need to bless.

1. My other half in this marriage team. He needs me, I need him. It works great that way! I went to a conference last month, and it felt great to know he had missed me while I was away. I’m thankful that together, we have a team.

2. My students. I do love my subject matter, English, but I quickly learned that to be a teacher, you also have to love kids. They don’t say, “I need you to teach me, Mrs. Groves,” but after the first essay of the year it’s pretty clear. I love to watch them learn! (By the way, I’m posting over at Inspired Teacher today about using a Classroom Gratitude Journal. Click on over!)

3. My boys. I laugh about the phone calls that ask things like “Can I heat a hot dog on a paper towel without the towel bursting into flame?” or “Does this stuff at the top of the peanut butter jar mean it’s bad,” but it is nice to be needed, even when your boys are older. Teacher talks with one, parenting chats with another, talks about life in general with them make me feel needed.

4. My mom. She’s in her eighties and my dad passed away ten years ago. I look forward to our phone chats, and I know she does, too. She has great friends, but sometimes you just need to talk to family, so we do that twice a week.

5. Those He puts in my path. Knowing you have been given a plan and mission in life is great. God has given me abilities and the chance to share, and I’m thankful for the people He puts in my path; I pray I can let Him shine through my feeble words and deeds.

What about you? Won’t you join in the Attitude of Gratitude? I wrote last week about people who bless me and today about people He gives me to bless.

Are you thankful for someone today?
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Diane said...

Number 5 is an important one to remember. Who is God putting into my life this week??? :O)

Shanda said...

If we weren't needed, life would be a sad existence. So, I join you in thanking God for the people who need me!

Michelle DeRusha said...

I love this reversal: people He puts in my path to bless. My first thought is my kids, of course (I love the phone calls from your boys!), but I can also think of co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, even strangers -- there are SO many opportunities to bless every day. Sadly, I often don't take advantage of that.

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