Reflections on the Daylight

Monday April 9, 2012

“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs” (Matthew 10:27).

At the time, I couldn’t think; I could scarcely breathe, at least without sobbing.

It was dark and frightening…but I know One who holds the light, who brings the light, who is the light.

Holding onto my husband and others who loved me helped, but their light was nothing compared to His.

Now the darkness has receded a bit … or maybe that’s just His light shining through, coloring everything.

I’m posting on lessons learned in that darkness over at the MOB (Moms of Boys Society) today, with an eye toward boy moms in particular. You’re welcome to click on over there, too.

Here’s some of the fruit from that time:

1. Cherish every day with your family—good, tough, frustrating. They’re all good.

2. Nurture family love so it’s there automatically when you need it desperately.

3. Realize that life can change quickly. It will take you by surprise, but live close enough to your Heavenly Father that you can lean on Him.

4. Thank God for every little thing. (Yes, Ann Voskamp!) Those little things come to mean so much, and thanking Him reminds you that He’s the Source of it all.

I’m reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis and one character in particular reminds me to thank Him for everything. This character is a grumbling woman who, according to author Louis Markos, “with each grumble, with each outbreak of renewed unthankfulness to the God who created her and died to save her…sacrifices another piece of her humanity.”

With every grumble, with each outburst of ungrateful complaint, she becomes less of what He created her to be. That’s not what I want to be.

The other side of the coin is perpetual thankfulness; that’s where I want to live. And when darkness is closing in, thankfulness focuses us on the light. I want to keep living in that light. That’s my challenge.

What about you? What have you heard in the dark?

Joining Laura, Jen, and Michelle with words from the heart.


Amy Sullivan said...

Always love what you share. You are wise without coming off as preachy.

In the dark? I've learned that He loves my kids as much as I do. It took me years to believe this. In fact, I used to nod along when people said this, but then secretly think, yeah, right! Now, it's a comfort, especially in hard times.

Thinking of you!

Jean Wise said...

Lots of wisdom here today. I know we learn more from the tough spots in life than the good times but certainly hard to be at that place. Glad to see you are back posting too. We missed you

Faith said...

love all your points....sometimes those dark places are exactly where God needed me to be to fully see the Light! thanks for sharing all of your wisdom!

Beth said...

Great points and "thankfulness" is where I want to live too! Love your post, Laura Lee!

Covnitkepr1 said...

I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

Pamela said...

Perpetual thankfulness...I'd like that to be my address, too. I've found that the more I dwell in thankfulness the more praise is automatic, yet deeply felt.

Unknown said...

Lots and lots of learning in the dark right now. I have been stuck in a pretty dark place since my sixth child Jonathan was still born. I am certainty hearing thing spoken in the darkness by my loving savior. I am so greatness for this post and look forward to using this scripture to remind me that I would not have learned these lessons in the light. I found you from Finding heaven and so glad I did I am a mom outnumbered by boys also!

Anne said...

Being grateful for everything we have makes us appreciate life and the little things more. Thanks for sharing your "fruits"!

Laura said...

God is faithfully using that time of darkness, Laura. What a blessing it is to others who are going through such when you share your story. I'm so grateful the darkness has receded. Thank you for the way you give.

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