Family Summer Fun #2

Wednesday June 6, 2012

Welcome to Summer Fun, Week 2!!

Click on over every Wednesday for some quick, easy ideas for filling up summertime with the kids.

This week I stumbled on some great ideas.

Summer Fun Ideas - Week 2

1. Check out this post on the blog, We are THAT family. It has some great practical ideas for how to be a great mom this summer.

2. Spending some time outdoors or going camping with the family? Here are some great ideas for outdoor cooking.

3. Can't camp out in the backyard? Have an indoor campout! Drag flashlights and blankets or sleeping bags into the living room, pop some popcorn, pull out the games, and have a great family time.

4. Look for a family neighborhood project. Have a neighbor who needs something repaired? Maybe she just needs someone to bring the mail to her door every day, or needs help bringing the groceries in after a shopping trip. Make it a family goal to figure out who needs help and how to help them.

What about you? What have you and your kids done this summer?
Have a great idea? Do share!

Happy summer!


Melanie said...

These are great ideas - I'm still waiting for the summer fun to start here. (My son is in school for another week!)

Annette Whipple said...

Keep them coming! :)

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