A Word from my Son

Wednesday June 6, 2012

Five months ago today, we got the call. Our son had been hit head on while driving to his teaching job in Kentucky.

We ran to the airport and split our time between Kentucky and Florida for a month. Then we brought Andrew to Florida for his recovery and rehab. So, life's been a bit different around here since January. If you're a regular here, you've read a bit about our experiences since, but my son has written a post today commemorating God's faithfulness through it all.

As I searched for a picture to use here, I passed up quite a few -- you'll see them on his post. It's hard for me to look at what was his car. But it is a testimony to God's providence and protection.

Here you see a representation of the love and thoughts and prayers that surrounded us -- and still do. What a cheering thing that is, to know you're being held up by the people of God. And we're so thankful for that.

I invite you to read about Andrew's experiences and our ever faithful God here.

Thanks, my friends, for praying -- and keep it up!


Amber said...

I just visited your sons blog. What an amazing son you have. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Barbara H. said...

Wow. It is very hard to look at that car and to think what might have been. So glad for God's intervention and faithfulness along the way.

Mothering From Scratch said...

I am so sorry for all you've been through. I know that God is and will continue to use this is your son's life and for His glory.

As you know, my son has chronic health issues and although I wish so much he was healthy, I also know how God has used it in his life, my life and others to draw us closer to Him.

I know you know this, but our hearts still ache when we're watching them go through something so difficult

Crissy at The Little House on the Right said...

As a mother, I wouldn't want to see that picture either. God is so good and sovereign. Praise Him.

Unknown said...

I just headed over to your sons blog - that picture sunk my heart immediately - I left him a comment - it's encouraging to see grown up boys sharing their faith like that - I have 3 little boys - I'm in the trenches now working hard to instill exactly that. God bless! good work mama - so glad your boy is ok. !!!!

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