Family Summer Fun #4

Wednesday June 27, 2012

Welcome to Summer Fun, Week 4!!

Every Wednesday I'm posting quick, easy ideas for filling up summertime with the kids. (Well...last Wednesday was an exception. But I'm back on track now!)

Here are a few great ideas for family fun.

Summer Fun Ideas - Week 4

1. Take a field trip or two. Make a family visit to the library (a common one in our house). Or visit the local fire station. Is there a construction site nearby that you can tour? How about visiting a hospital or nursing home? Wherever you choose to go, take something along for those who live or work there. Lemonade, cookies, cards...get creative!

2. How about a new art project? Make a paint roller by gluing string or yarn around a tin can. Then cover part of your child's wall with paper or posterborad and let him or her paint the wall! Or use small cans, make small designs, and fashion your artwork into cards.

3. Have a character lunch. Let your children choose their favorite book character. Invite them to a character lunch and help them dress, talk, and act as their character. Invite friends over and have each child share about their favorite book.

4. Play in the rain on a warm summer day. Need I say more? Be spontaneous!

5. Teach your children a new skill. Cross stitch or crochet? Woodwork? Have Dad help out or invite a neighbor who has a skill.

How have you and yours spent your summer so far?
Do share! I'd love to hear.


Amy Sullivan said...

I love practical. Therefore, I love this.

So, how have we filled our summer? Glad you asked. Less activities and more simple play. Using toys we already have like the Easy Bake Oven that gets very little action. Oh, and games that we used to love, but have somehow forgotten like UNO.

Good times.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

That's a great idea, Amy -- to dig out and go through the less-used stuff and get reacquainted. I love it!

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