Telescopes in June

Friday June 22, 2012

What a week! On the heels of Father’s Day, our son Andrew had another surgery this week, and our team is making us proud in the NBA finals. And what is this about telescopes? Hang on for a great quote in my last favorite.

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My five favorites this week:

1. Celebrating Father’s Day.
So proud of my husband – especially this year, as he has been the very picture of selfless and unconditional love. He’s just the best. And celebrating with two boys home was great.

2. An incredible surgeon. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Andrew’s doctor. He took so much time and care with Andrew this week. And what a great job he did. We’re so thankful for him.

3. Our Miami Heat—NBA champions! What an exciting last game! It was fun to see the boys watch this series with their dad and text the other two brothers during the games.

4. Free Kindle books. I know I’ve said this before, but I do love a real ink and paper book. They’ll always be my preference. But my Kindle has been great to have. This week I ran out the door without my huge Rutherfurd book and when I realized, I was so disconcerted. Then I saw my Kindle in my purse and I knew I would not be truly bookless! It helped me pass hours at the hospital.

5. This quote:

“Tears are often the telescope by which men see far into heaven.”
(Henry Ward Beecher)

This week has been a little difficult. Andrew’s surgery was successful and will make things easier…eventually. Right now, the pain is pretty challenging. Things he could do before the surgery seem difficult now, and that can be disheartening. But I tried to remind him that this is just a minor step back before a big leap. Physical therapy will help, but it will be constant and intense. So you can see why I reference those tears—a telescope that helps us see into heaven. I’m a sucker for an encouraging quote.

Hoping you see far this week,

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Faith said...

Wonderful quote! it's funny but I added a quote at the last minute to my faves as well....i love how the Lord uses others' words to minister to us! I am still keeping Andrew in prayer and will continue to do so. I love my husband's Nook for traveling but I sure do love sitting on my deck with a "real" book in hand!! :) I hope you have a refreshing weekend, Laura!

Melissa said...

What a week! I have been out of the loop for a while, so I'll have to read your earlier posts to catch up.

I like that quote, too, and I agree with the idea. I get discouraged when I think that my suffering may not end until I leave this life. It helps to keep my sights on heaven.

Praying for Andrew and the rest of your family.

Barbara H. said...

So glad the surgery went well! Things are rough the first week or so after but hopefully he can look forward to more improvement in the days to come. I'm glad for a wonderful surgeon.

I agree about books -- the ink and paper variety will always be my first love, but I've been so glad for the Kindle app, especially for the free books offered through it some times. I had an unexpected appointment this week and usually bring something to read, but didn't since this I wasn't planning for this stop. I have a Kindle app on both my HP Touchpad and iPhone, and I was able to pass the time reading on my iPhone.

Jean Wise said...

Lovely quote and you know lots and lots of prayers heading your way!

Willow said...

Which Rutherfurd book are you reading? I agree that I'll never want to give up paper and ink books forever, but the ease of carrying all those books in just ONE little 'box' is mighty tempting.

Please let Andrew know I'll be praying for his speedy recovery--yes, PT will be painful and intense but it will be worth it.

Brenda said...

I don't have a Kindle, but I have an iPad and I like to look at newspapers and websites on that. I agree with you though, nothing beats a regular book!

nikkipolani said...

Oh Laura, your son Andrew will be in my prayers. Ongoing pain can be so discouraging but I'm glad he's got his mom to cheer him on.

Susanne said...

Good quotes can go a long way in encouragement! Praying for Andrew and you guys as he goes through this next step!

Annette Whipple said...

Oh, Laura, the setbacks before the leaping is discouraging. Praying for Andrew.

I have only had my Kindle for a month...but definitely love the free books. I accumulate them much faster than I read them...I've only read read two complete books so far (both classics...and now I'm reading Little Men). I have a bunch of freebies from the freebie sales, too.

Lord, thank you for your continued protection over Andrew and the wisdom of his doctors. May this surgery not be felt as a temporary defeat, but as a triumph as to what Andrew can do through it. Thank you all that you are doing through Andrew...may he continue to shine for you. May the glory continue to be all yours through this...Amen.

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