Family Summer Fun #5

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Welcome to Summer Fun, Week 5!!

Every Wednesday I'm posting quick, easy ideas for filling up summertime with the kids.

Here are a few great ideas for family fun.

Summer Fun Ideas - Week 5

1. Create a costume trunk. Rummage through your closets, check out the grandparents castoffs, try a consignment shop or Goodwill. Look for great hats, a trench coat for the resident detective...

2. Have a Water Day. Drag out the little pool, the sprinkler, water guns, buckets, bottles...and just get wet!

3. Eat lunch in a homemade tent. Too hot to go outside? Grab some sheets, pull chairs and tables together, and make a huge tent for lunchtime.

4. Have a paper airplane exhibit and fly-in. Don't know how to make them? Check online, visit the public library, get Dad involved. Make and decorate as many paper airplanes as you can. Create an exhibit or fly-in.

5. Plan an "ice cream social" for the family. Do a family survey on toppings. Get creative! Crush cookies, candies, use chocolate chips, fruit -- to topping crazy!

How have you and yours spent your summer so far?
Do share! I'd love to hear.

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