Not Consumed

Wednesday July 11, 2012

I posted Monday about how we are never alone, alluding to that bush afire. Then in the early morning hours on Tuesday, this came from my heart.

Not Consumed

Bush afire, a desert thing.
Thorn and scrub, flames lick and sing.

“Thou shalt toil” – thorns, thistles, too.
Product of the day we rue.

Bush of thorn burns bright and clear
A mark of Him, His presence here.

Flames churn and roil, the bush burns on
He dwells within – bright, never gone.

There in the stuff of guilt and fall
His presence burns amidst it all.

Aflame but not consumed are we
We live by bush and nail and tree.

Linking up today with Duane Scott for Unwrapping His Promises and Jennifer for God-Bumps & God-Incidences.

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Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful. Obviously inspired by Him. Glad you shared it.

Faith said...

this was so wonderful!!! thanks for sharing this.....started my morning off nicely :)

Alicia said...

Beautiful- we live by bush and nail and tree. Those words are powerful and poignant. THanks for sharing. I'm stopping by from Jen's link up today. Blessings to you from Iowa.

Duane Scott said...

"We live by bush and nail and tree."

So true.

I'm reading Six Hours one Friday by Max Lucado and yes, I live because he lived the nail and tree.

Shonya said...

Praise the Lord!

caryjo said...

Really neat! Good sharing and adjusting from one Biblical event to another and filling our lives.


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