Friday July 13, 2012

Becoming. That's what this week has been about.

I'm linking up today with Susanne of Living to Tell the Story for Friday's Fave Five. Here are my favorites for this week:

1. Sunday and poetry.
We had a great Sunday to start the week! We visited a church where a friend was preaching and were so blessed. The sermon was so thought-provoking – just chockfull of wisdom. So much so, that it inspired poetry for me! Click on over to read my short poem, Not Consumed.

2. Coping skills / figuring things out. My son is moving forward (I’m so proud of him), and this week we’ve figured out some new ways to make tasks easier and get things done. Hurray for those small things!

3. Daily texts and pictures of my grandson. Aiden will soon be 2, and he’s doing and saying so many cute things. I just love being able to hear, every day, something new from the world of Aiden.

4. Ages and stages. As all moms, I’ve struggled with change. There are those ages and stages you hate to say goodbye to, and those that you leave without a backward glance. By this time I’ve made my peace with my boys growing up and I can even see the newness as a good thing. This week, my youngest went off to youth camp…as a counselor! It does date me a bit, but at the same time, I’m awfully proud of him.

5. A quote. I must admit, I stole this one from my son Andrew. He used these lyrics as a Facebook status one day. It speaks volumes about where he’s been and where he’s going. Me, too!

“If I could see like You do
With Your perspective view
The fires I’m walking through would look much different.

I’d see those difficult days
For who they made me become
And I would count them among all the good things You’ve done for me.”
(Jill Phillips)

You can hear this song, All the Good Things, right here. It’s lovely, and as you can see, the lyrics are wonderful.

What a perspective—that His perspective is so much wiser than ours, so all-encompassing. The idea that those difficult days made us become something greater is an idea to hang on to, isn’t it?

Wishing you a week of becoming,

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Barbara H. said...

I can remember, from my days of recovery from a spinal virus which left me unable to walk on my own for several months, what a joy and blessing it was to discover ways to cope or things that helped. So glad for Andrew's continued improvement and perspective.

It's so nice to have texts and pictures now to keep up with grandkids. I can remember what seems like an ordeal now of taking pictures, having to get them developed, having to see what came out well (or not!), and then deciding which ones to order copies of for grandparents. So much easier and quicker today!

Jerralea said...

I loved this line in your poem:

"He dwells within – bright, never gone"

So true - no matter what - never gone!

It is a wonderful way to keep up with loved ones - texts and digital photos. What an awesome world we live in.

Faith said...

beautiful lyrics..thanks for sharing this! and that poem...yes....that touched me. so glad Andrew is coming along....what a huge blessing! and yay for technology and being able to keep up with your precious grandson! Have a wonderful weekend, Laura.

Gattina said...

What a beautiful butterfly ! Looks almost unreal ! Yur grandson Aiden must be the same age as my Toby. He will be 2 in November.

Jean Wise said...

Love this list and those lyrics are really cool.

Mothering From Scratch said...

{Kathy} It is great to have found a mom with children (boys) older than mine! I thank you for your encouragement in knowing it's mostly good when they all grow up!

my little cottage said...

nice ppost thanks for sharing blessings

Susanne said...

What beautiful lyrics. I'm so glad to hear of his progress each week that you share.

Even though technology frustrates me to no end, I am also thankful for it for wonderful things it brings to us like you seeing and experiencing your grandson's growth even though he is far away.

nikkipolani said...

Those are excellent lyrics indeed. It's always good to step back and remember God's view of things.

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