He is there; He is good.

Wednesday July 25, 2012

How can you say God is good?

In times like this, when things happen that break our hearts…

how can we say God is good?

Joanne Sher of An Open Book asks that question once a week

and hosts a guest blogger to answer.

Every Wednesday, Joanne hosts stories of God’s presence in the midst of struggles.

And I’m sharing there today.

You may have read bits and pieces of the road we’ve traveled with our son … click on over to read more about how in the midst of those tough times, we’ve seen that God is there, and He is good.


Privet and Holly said...

I think that is a
question that almost
everyone has. Will
look forward to reading
your words, sweet friend!

Happy Thursday,
xo Suzanne

Laura said...

I'm heading over, Laura. I still pray for you and your sweet boy. Thank you for your prayers for us, my friend. Mothering is the hardest work sometimes.

Faith said...

yup....we've all asked that before...and YES...HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME HE IS GOOD!! Your story is amazing......

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