Truth, like gold...

Friday August 10, 2012

Gold, yes. I didn't plan to write about that ever-present Olympic gold, but in reality, my golden moments of the last week aren't so different; they've been hard won and a long time coming, too.

I haven't frequented these pages much lately because we've been away, moving our son back into his life in Kentucky. I'm linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story today, where we share five blessings from the week. Let me just say, these five are only representative of oh-so-many blessings we've been privileged to share in.

My favorites for this week?

1. Actually, a great two weeks. Oh, they weren’t without work and some hard moments, but the process of taking our son Andrew back to Kentucky and helping him get set back up in his apartment, his classroom, his life was awesome. Really awesome, as in it left me in awe of the One who stands by our sides, who puts it all together. Things came together as if sewn seamlessly by His hand. Andrew's days continue to be evidence of God's blessings; they're not without challenge, but they're full of hope and encouragement.

2. Seeing Aiden. Our almost-two-year-old grandson, Aiden, is talking like crazy. The trip to Kentucky held the fringe benefit of seeing this little charmer. He greeted me with, “Grandmom!” e read, we played cars, watched a bit of Toy Story together…it was great.

3. A text from a friend. The day we left Andrew and started back to Florida was a little hard, I won’t kid you. One of the last things I said to him was, “I don’t want to leave you!” But friends were praying and a message from one touched my heart. She texted: “I hope you feel the strength of the Lord today.” There’s no other way of describing that strength, that peace, that is bigger than we are.

4. Vacation traditions. Our oldest son flew down to help us make the drive back, and we indulged in all the vacation traditions as usual. First meal on the road? Always Steak n’ Shake. Then the hunt for a Pizza Hut lunch buffet is on…

5. Jobs. So much to be thankful for here. Andrew is so blessed to have a job where they are so happy to have him back! I’m thankful for mine, too. I get to teach what I love and I love the kids, too. And my colleagues? They’re the best. We’re already back in teacher prep and start with kids next week. Not only that, a young lady we love (who is very special to Andrew) has landed a job and will be moving close to him. Plenty of praise to go around!

And a bonus quote: Truth, like gold, is to be obtained by washing away from it all that is not gold. (Leo Tolstoy)

Truth and gold are what’s left after the refinement process. And that refining fire isn’t always comfortable, but what remains sure glistens for all to see.

Wishing you some gold this week,

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Faith said...

Oh I love Tolstoy and that QUOTE!! I am writing it and a few friends sure could meditate on that a bit...and the strength that comes from our Lord...NOTHING like it! So happy for you to get Andrew back to his life and that is amazing that his girl has a job near him :) Yay for your grandson talking!! Enjoy the start of your school year...we are not that far behind....

Barbara H. said...

I can imagine how hard to was to take Andrew back and leave him. I'm so grateful for the Lord's help and strength for you and for him.

I'm glad you both have great jobs and his girl was able to get a job closer to him.

Has it really been two years since Aiden was born? Wow!

Brenda said...

Sounds like you have been busy! May God give you peace as you have left Andrew back on his own- transitions are always tough!

Steak N Shake sounds like an interesting place. . .

Willow said...

Oh yes, I love that Tolstoy quote! So true!
And the message was just right for the day--strength and comfort for the transition. I know. I've left my kids many times in many places. It makes me depend completely on the strength of my Lord.
Such a sweet grandson!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

thanks for visiting my little slice of home blog :)

your grandson is a doll what a great picture.

I can't imagine what that would be like to leave your grown children in another state. I'm having a hard enough time just the hours of elementary and middle school :)

great friends know when they need to reach out and lead a helping hand, ear or words of encouragement.

have a great teacher prep week. I can't wait till I'm out of college and have my classroom

Gattina said...

My little grandson must have the same age, he will be two in November. Unfortunately I don't see him very often other through Skype, but a conversation is impossible, lol ! He recognizes me and says "Nonna" which means grandma in Italian.

Annette Whipple said...

So Andrew is able to work this fall? You'll have to remind he a teacher? I was thinking coach, but teacher seems to fit better with all that you said.

I really appreciate the respect and love that shows through for your son's special friend. I have a great relationship with my MIL, and am thankful when I hear others speak well of in-laws...or even just special friends.

We live about 5 hours from our families. It's hard, but each visit helps to strengthen our relationships, esp the kids and their grandparents' relationships.

Do enjoy your week!

Susanne said...

What a big two weeks your family has had! It's exciting to hear that your son is able to get back to his apartment and his job and life. God is good!

Your grandson always makes me smile when you post pictures. He's such a cutie!

Shonya said...

Hugging that quote close to my heart this evening!

What a week. I so appreciate your outlook. I'm always encouraged by you.

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