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Friday August 31, 2012

Well friends, I missed the party last week, and I missed hearing from you and about you. I’m linking up today with Susanne from Living to Tell the Story. Each Friday, we list our favorites of the past week. Hope you got to spend some time doing something you love.

My favorites for this week:

1. A new tea. My oldest son introduced me to Tazo Zen tea, a green tea with lemongrass and spearmint. Sometimes at school, I find I need a little caffeine, but not as much as a cup of coffee would give. This is perfect and tastes great!

2. The Middle Ages/ the Renaissance. I love these time periods! I’m blessed to start the year teaching the literature of these periods, and I so thoroughly enjoy it. I’m also making my way through Rutherfurd’s London and I’m reliving those times as I read. Love it.

3. Perspective. Oh, I so often need a new one. How easily I forget. Two posts jumped into my heart this week and flowed out onto the screen, The Fire and Point of View. Perspective is everything and I’m working on mine.

4. Family love. It’s great to have a family that loves. Even in hurt and when times are confusing, that love is still there—even long distance. Not a thing to be taken lightly.

5. A quote:

“I love working with teenagers. Somebody take my temperature!” (Laura Lee Groves)

Yeah, I said that. In fact, I posted it on Facebook the second day or so of school. It’s amazing…I really do love working with teens. I only have them 90 minutes at a time and I’m not their parent, so it’s easier than it sounds. (I’m also posting it here so I can go back and remind myself of that when I have a hard day…) I’m thankful to have a job I enjoy with kids and colleagues I really want to be with.

Bonus: We got an extra day off because of the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac. It was a messy, blustery day outside but no real danger and I got a lot done. I know Isaac is really doing damage now, though. Will you join me in praying for those affected by the hurricane?

Hope you get to spend your week doing something you love!

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Faith said...

I was wondering about you and a couple of other friends/bloggers down in Florida with the forecast!! Glad you are well...and yes up here we are praying for those affected by the hurricanes. Well, I admire you for working with teens...NOT my fave group BUT i DO love my primary kids so I know the feeling you are describing! :) I just LOVE the little ones. I will have to tell my tea drinking hubby about that tea....I might even try it since I enjoy lemon and mint together! I hope you have a wonderful week....

Jean Wise said...

Great quote Make it into a tee shirt! I haven't tried that tea and do enjoy a great cup of the stuff, so will look for it. Have a blessed holiday weekend!

kendal said...

that tea is my favorite! and i'm glad your school year is off to a good start. once my students got to me, i remembered why i love teaching so much! hope you have a great weekend!

Kathie said...

Jean's right - your quote would make a great tshirt slogan :) I taught grades 1 through 9 and loved all the different stages.

I haven't read that Rutherfurd book but it looks interesting. If it's done well, historical fiction can make the time period come alive.

Very true about perspective. I'll have to check out your links.

Glad there was no permanent damage from Isaac - it looks like hurricane season will make its way up here too. Our waters are much warmer than usual.

I'm also grateful for family love - such a gift!

Happy weekend Laura!

Annette Whipple said...

So glad to hear you are safe...and yes...praying for those in the path.

People like you need to be teaching high school...and those who aren't passionate need to find a better fit. Teens need all the support they can get.

(I'm reading your book now! I only have one son, but wanted some extra insight and have really enjoyed your thoughts.)

Barbara H. said...

I am glad God makes people who love working with teens! I've always been a little afraid to, but really, most of the teens I have known have been great.

Susanne said...

Glad to hear you weren't too terribly affected by Isaac. A loving family there to support in hard times is definitely a blessing. Lemon and mint together in a tea. Two of my favorite flavors. I'll have to look for it. Though I do like my caffiene from coffee.

Jerralea said...

That tea sounds interesting - I'll have to give it a try.

Don't you just love when inspiration hits and the words just flow?

Kudos to you on loving to work with teenagers. Not my calling, for sure! (You sure you don't have a temp? LOL)

Gattina said...

Never heard about this tea, and I thought I know them all (which is impossible of course) I also like to discuss with teens, and they like to discuss with me, which I take as a great compliment !

nikkipolani said...

What I like best about the Tazo teas is the packaging ;-) It turns out I'm not fond of lemongrass in teas, but glad it's a good one for you and gives you just the right amount of umph. You sound pretty jazzed at the start of this school year -- I'm sure the kids are catching your infectious enthusiasm as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on your perspective point. Your book sound very fascinating. It's funny, I used to always say I wanted four boys. I have 2 myself so I can only imagine how lively your home must be. :)

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