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Friday August 17, 2012

What have you woven this summer? What will you craft this fall?

A new season approaches, and that's always a good time for a little refocusing, it seems to me. As I look forward toward fall, I'm looking back this week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, where we link up each Friday to share the blessings of the week.

Here are my favorites for this week:

1. A good week. Yes, my first week at school has been a good one but, more importantly, my son Andrew’s first week back at teaching has been awesome. He was welcomed so warmly by students and teachers alike and since he’s “born to the chalk” (or the whiteboard, as they say these days), he’s right in his element. He’s understandably tired, but says he’s not overdoing. (Mom hopes he’s telling the truth on that one…)

2. Real empathy. Empathy has been described as knowing exactly how another feels because you’ve been in their shoes. I have a friend facing some hard times right now and although they’re not the same as my last seven months, it’s easy for me to empathize. You know how you hope tough times can be used to help someone else? I just want to give back some of that blessing, and I’m glad I’ve been able to be an ear and a shoulder this week.

3. The end of a class. My summer class is coming to an end, and it’s so neat to see the information come full circle. I’m working on a BIG paper that has to be submitted by midnight on Sunday, then I have a week off, and I start two new classes.

4. The favorite uncle competition. When you have four sons, life is forever a competition, no matter how old they are. Since there’s only one nephew, the big contest here is “Who’s the favorite uncle?” When Andrew visited a couple of weeks ago, he was sure his Donald Duck impression sealed the deal. Now my youngest has stopped by to spend a few days there on his way back to college, and his plan is to fix Aiden his favorite, “cake-cakes” (also known as pancakes). On Facebook, my other son had to assert that since he’s the California uncle who knows all about movies, he has to be the coolest one. And so it goes.

5. This quote, so a propos for the beginning of a school year:

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” (Pericles)

There have been a number of former students through our halls this week, stopping by to say hi before returning to college. Although Andrew has only taught one semester, two graduates stopped by today to tell him what a difference he made. Love that encouragement.

No matter what our job, our profession, our path or lot in life, we all weave something into the lives of others. And that’s the monument that matters.

Weave a thing of beauty next week!

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Faith said...

Laura, I loved how your wrote the FFF's this week!! Yes that quote is perfect for the beginning of the school year....my first day with my special students is 3 wks from yesterday (and I'm sooo hoping this sciatica pain is gone by then!!)...that fave #2 is perfect for me lately...altho I am frustrated and impatient with my own back issue, I've been able (i hope!) to listen to another friend who is also going thru a back injury along with some family stuff....it's so important to really LISTEN to the people God places in our lives....)that's funny about the uncle competition! lol.....have a great weekend!

Annette Whipple said...

Encouragement goes so far. Some people really whither without those words of affirmation. Thank you for sharing in such an encouraging way...of how you and Andrew have been encouraged and blessed this week!

Jean Wise said...

Great quote and list this week Laura. mmm, what can I weave this fall?

Jerralea said...

I loved your theme this week! Weaving into the lives of others ... gives much food for thought, doesn't it? I like to think this community of bloggers weave into each others lives by sharing our thoughts on life and our experiences with Christ.

Empathizing with others is one way to make sense of the trials we all go through.

nikkipolani said...

Such thoughtful fives this week, Laura. I'm so pleased to hear that Andrew is back at school and doing well. Hope his recovery continues as he regains strength and stamina.

Having spent nearly a week being woven into another family's life, I find it hard to pull away and resume mine.

Willow said...

I know I'll think about that quote by Pericles when I step back in to the classes in September.

I'm glad your and Andrew's week has gone so well! It's hard to not over do these first weeks.

I'm also laughing about the favorite uncle bit.

Willow said...

Laura, We actually lived in Papua, Indonesia which shares the island of New Guinea with PNG. Papua is the eastern most province of Indonesia (used to be called Irian Jaya).

Brenda said...

Of course Andrew feels tired! But good for him for getting back in to it, in a month or so I'm sure you will all see great progress and he will get a lot of strength back.

Love that last quote, its something I deeply believe is true

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad the first school weeks have gone well for both you and Andrew.

That's funny about the best uncle competition. It never stops, does it? :-)

I know what you mean about God using our hardships to help us empathize with others. It helps us "weep with those who weep."

Love that quote!

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