The Key to a Restful Weekend

Saturday October 6, 2012

I remember when this house was bursting with little boys. Did I look forward to the weekend?

Not exactly.

And there were those days when I felt like the weekend was crammed full. It seemed like all I did was use the weekend to get ready to make it through the next week.

So, what in the world could be a key to a restful weekend?

I think the answer lies in perspective.

Consider these things about the weekend:

There’s no rush to complete things for the next school morning or work morning—you have several days to get things done.

There’s no schedule to speak of. At least, the weekend schedule is a bit different, a bit freer.

During a weekend, you have two opportunities: to plan for the future and to examine the past. What do you want next week to be like?
What would you change about last week?

Sunday’s coming. I remember those early days with my first son—a colicky baby. When I warned the sweet little lady in the church nursery that he had colic, she said, “Honey, he’s either going to cry for you or cry for me. Might as well let him cry for me and give you a little break.”

Worship service was a haven for me! Years later, it still is. A chance to calm my spirit, to center my thoughts, to get the right focus for the week.

Look at your weekend through the lens of a new perspective…and see if a bit of rest doesn’t loom on the horizon. I hope it does!

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Amy Sullivan said...

Good advice on perspective. Sometimes I complain about the pace of my weekend and the fact I get little accomplished, but in truth, if I jammed my weekends as full as my week days, I'd never stop.


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