My Thankful Day

Monday January 7, 2013

Yesterday was my "Thankful Day."

I texted my third son, Andrew:

"Today is Mom's Thankful Day. I'm thankful for your life, your heart, and your witness. Love you."

For yesterday a year ago found us in a very different place. While driving to his high school teaching job in Kentucky that morning, my 23-year-old son's car was hit head on. We got the call parents dread, and much of 2012 was changed in an instant.

Andrew's injuries were serious but not life-threatening. He came home to Florida to recover, and after three months in a wheelchair, he worked hard to progress to a walker. He now walks with the help of a brace and a cane. His faith and mission have only been strengthened through this trying time; fire does refine. Although he faces challenges daily, he's teaching again and -- the best news -- he will marry a wonderful young lady this summer!

So, you can see there's much to be thankful for. We've had our moments today, realizing what could have been and thanking God for what is. We have all learned so much over the last year. Amazing lessons learned in those dark moments when He is all you have.

So very many people rallied around our family, from Kentucky to Florida and far beyond. What may have seemed little to you has been huge to us. We have felt your prayers and support. From the first moments, we were loved, prayed for, hugged, many were truly His hands and feet to our family.

So on the cusp of the New Year, my heart feels a lot like that water above -- full to overflowing, with thanks. Not a bad way to start a new year.
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Lisa notes... said...

I remember that from a year ago. Such a parents' nightmare! So glad to hear that Andrew has made a lot of progress.

You are a great example of being thankful, Laura. I'm thankful for you!

Jean Wise said...

I think the gift of thankfulness comes at multiple points During a difficult time but it certainly taste so sweet beyond and looking back like you did. Tough year last year for all of you but blessings too.

Shonya said...

This brought tears to my eyes. What a year 2012 was for your family!! I am thankful with you for all that the Lord has brought you through.

Beth said...

First of all, I'm so glad that your son's life was spared on that day, Laura Lee. And what an inspiring response you and your son are living out before us. I'm afraid I would not be handling it so gracefully and gratefully as you are ... but I know it makes all the difference!

Second, I had to do a double take at your photo--can you really be old enough to have a 23 year old son? I'm amazed at your youthfulness too, Laura Lee!

Barbara H. said...

How wonderful to turn this anniversary into a Thankful Day! I'm so happy for the progress Andrew has made and the healing God has granted. And to look forward to a wedding, too, is icing on the cake!

Annette Whipple said...

So much to thank God and new life!
Thank you for your testimony.

Amy Sullivan said...

It's been a year

Much, much to be thankful for, LG.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start the new year! Thanks for sharing with us all.

Laura said...

Oh, Laura! Tears of joy here! Getting married! Such wonderful news. Sharing thanks with you,

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