Why can't we all just get along?

Wednesday January 9, 2013

That familiar question flashed through my mind as I settled what seemed like the fiftieth dispute of the morning. Surrounded by bickering boys, I wondered if they'd EVER get along.

Was the argument important? I certainly didn't think so. Looking back, so many of those insignificant conflicts were teaching moments. And I tried to teach important lessons.

Did it work? Well, I won't take credit. I say it's by the grace of God that the brother bond is strong now. Oh, sure they disagree. They kid each other over PC vs. Mac, "i" vs. Droid...and sometimes one will say, "I'm tired of that. It's funny the first time but not anymore. Back off, okay?" It's neat to watch the other respond with, "Sorry, bro. I was just kidding. Didn't realize it bothered you." And they move on.

I pray that sticks, all throughout life.

What can a mom do to help that process, to strengthen the bond between siblings? I humbly offer some suggestions today over at The MOB Society, where I write for the moms of boys.

I'd love to hear what you think.

What worked for you and your siblings -- or you and your kids?


Unknown said...

One thing that I have done for a few years has been to allow them to work out their own arguments. I don't intervene unless they start actually fighting, which is rare. I want them to learn the tools for compromise, and I'm not sure that will happen if I constantly butt in. I'll tell you 10 years if it actually works. :)

Karen said...

Laura, you certainly DID teach them well. Oh, I remember those squabbles too. Will check ya out over there. :)

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