Distracted Living

Monday March 25, 2013

Ever felt like you’re walking in circles? I have.

No focus, no plan…just wandering.

Distracted living, I guess you’d say.

The Israelites did that quite a bit. God sent them judges to help, and as long as they followed the judges’ lead, things went pretty well. But once a judge was gone, the circular motion started again.

Current Biology says we veer from a straight course because of “the accumulating noise in the sensorimotor system.” When we don’t have an “external directional reference to recalibrate,” we walk in circles.

The noise the Israelites faced was a myriad of gods. My noise? Well, in essence, it’s the same.

Unfortunately, I make gods of things that don’t deserve that spot, and the noise is sometimes deafening.

What do we need to get back on the path? An “external directional reference” to help us recalibrate.

For the Israelites, God sent judges to help, but their guidance was only temporary. The good news is, those judges foreshadowed a greater One to come. One who's eternal, ever living.

That One is my reference point. He helps me recalibrate. With my focus on Him, the pathway is straight.

Yes, often it’s uphill, and sometimes I careen down at an alarming rate of speed. But He’s by my side, over the rocky and the smooth.

With my focus on Him, the noise of the world fades.

I'm linking up with Laura, Michelle, and Jen today.


Anonymous said...

I needed to read this today, too! :) Hopping over from Jen's - it's nice to meet you!

Lisa notes... said...

Love this, Laura! Jesus is always the center, waiting and available for us to return to when we wake up from our wanderings. Hope you're well, friend.

Amy Sullivan said...

Wait, what was that you were saying? Ha!

Soooo, distracted by everything. We are talking a gnat-like attention span.

Unknown said...

What an excellent, clever, well-written post. Thank you! I could relate so much for I suffer from Fm/ CFS and our bodies CANNOT handle any sensory overload. Our Lord has used this illness only for my good, for it taught me how to focus on Him and Him alone. I found your blog at Jen's.
Much love

Jean Wise said...

Great reminder, Laura and some thing I needed to read today.

Laura said...

I love how that image illustrates your point, Laura. So many days, I feel this way: the world rushing by. It does make the head spin. Lent, for me, is usually a time to winnow out so many distractions. But this year it has felt too rushed. I'm putting the brakes on and slowing down. We have spring break next week, so I hope that helps. Thanks for this encouragement, friend.

Unknown said...

Ouch - a good reminder not to give priority to those other gods, but to try to stay on that straight path. I'm up for a bit of re calibration - thank you for sharing.

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