Remember Thursday.

Thursday March 28, 2013

Sunday is the culmination, the pinnacle. It’s the real victory. It comes inevitably on the heels of the day we’ve named “good.”

But Thursday is often overlooked. Many don’t know it has its own name – Maundy Thursday.

(Derived through Middle English and Old French mande, from the Latin mandatum, it is the first word [commandment] of John 13:34: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another as I have loved you.”)

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the stars of the season, but without the foundation Christ lay on Thursday, His disciples would have been scratching their heads all the more.
  • On Thursday, He commanded them to love as He does.

  • He washed their feet.

  • He broke bread with them, connecting Himself, the Passover sacrifice, and the bread of life all in one simple meal.

  • Thursday lent meaning to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the disciples.

    Its meaning for me?

  • To love as He does.
  • To serve another, “washing his or her feet.”
  • To share the bread of life.

    This year, remember Thursday.

  • Originally posted Easter Week 2011.


    Faith said...

    loved this! I am currently teaching from (since October) from a book entitled Living Intimately: lessons from the Upper Room. It's a women's Bible study book and small group moms are loving it, as am I. It all revolves around Jesus' last night on earth and the lessons He left with the disciples and how we can utilize them today..and what those lessons actually mean. Last night was the portion on the Vine and the branches. I'm gonna tell the moms to read this post!! Have a blessed Resurrection day and evening tonite (and tomorrow!) as we reflect on what our Redeemer has left for us!

    Beth said...

    I've been seeing that term around the internet and wondered what it referenced, Laura Lee. Thanks for clearing up the mystery for me. :) And I so appreciate your words here too. I haven't really stopped to think of just how significant Thursday was. It truly was a bittersweet day for our Lord. I have a pastor friend on FB who posted what (based upon the little scripture gives) the timeline of events were on those days leading up to and the day of Easter. It's been very moving and thought-provoking.

    By the way, I'm highlighting your blog and the comment you made from a couple of weeks ago on my blog tomorrow. Just thought you'd like to know, my friend!

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