Just starting to get comfortable...

Monday April 8, 2013

Just starting to get comfortable and… God changes things.

Ever wonder why He does that?

Change frustrates us. It muddies the water. What once seemed so clear is not even visible anymore. How can this be good, we think.

And once that water is muddy and the path is strewn with rocks of a different size and shape, and we’re out of breath and (sometimes out of faith), climbing and striving, and trying to map out our new course and this new path, we find ourselves thrown back once again…on Him.

Where we should be.

Change, I don’t usually call you a friend. But if you pull the rug out from under me so that I’ll rest in the One who loves me, I have to extend the hand of friendship.

We’ve all heard that good things don’t come easy, that what’s tough is what’s worth it, and we’re quick to nod our heads and use those little sayings as a Facebook status.

But when I’ve worked hard to be in the spot where I’m sitting, even acknowledging God’s help and guidance in this place and thanking Him for it…He often mixes it up again. He changes the mission or the method or the circumstances.

And if I grumble, where’s my faith? In that old, more comfortable spot where I was sitting. In the striving that got me there. Even in what He did in that situation, which is good.

But what’s best? Faith in what He will do.

I can stay here in this comfortable spot, praising His goodness to me up to today…but if I do, I miss all that He has ahead for me.

If I pack up my praise and my story, my history and my past and move in step with Him, I show faith not just in what He has done, but in what He will do.

Contentment? I'm hunting you down in the middle of those different rocks in the unfamiliar path.

I know I can rest in Who I’ll find there.

No matter the path, He has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

I'm linking up with Laura, Michelle, and Jen today.

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Unknown said...

love this line: "Contentment? I'm hunting you down in the middle of those different rocks in the unfamiliar path." to actively seek contentment. yeah.

Clella said...

Laura- I relate to this. I am so content in myday today living. Change is not to my liking. Thanks for this thought. Clella

Jean Wise said...

thought provoking post. calling change a friend is what stayed with me. mmm, need to ponder that!! I know there are good things from change and change is everywhere but never thought of it as a friend before.

Lisa notes... said...

I hear you, Laura. Sometimes I can't wait for change, but then when it hits, it throws me off balance yet again. So thankful that the Lord is the Unchanging One!

JeanetteEdgar said...

This really hits me this morning as I'm walking into my new ministry job beyond the teaching which I cherish so much. Thanks for the wonderful post that tells me I'm just where God wants me - growing and stretching me so I must depend on Him anew and for more.

Nancy Sturm said...

Laura, we often cling to the familiar, instead of trusting in our Father to show us a better way, don't we? Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom.

Beth said...

I love your words, "Contentment? I'm hunting you down in the middle of those different rocks in the unfamiliar path." I've struggled with this truth myself lately, Laura Lee. I feel as if God is leading me down a rocky path and I'm resisting him. But you're so right. When I rest in His care for my future, I find contentment for today. Beautiful words and inspiration, my friend! Praying for you!

Dolly @Soulstops said...

Such truth...resonating with your words, Laura..linked up behind you at Jen's SDG..Nice to meet you :)

Laura said...

Been dealing with this some here too, Laura. Funny how I welcome change when it's on the agenda--when it's a change I label "better". But when it comes wrapped in struggle and unwanted and by surprise...much harder for this comfort creature to handle. These are good words for me today. :)

Vonda Skelton said...

I'm so there with you, Laura. Change is good. Change is bad. I guess it all depends on who's in charge of the changing. :-)

Shonya said...

This post is right on!

Unknown said...

I'm so with Laura Boggess today. I love your words -- they are challenging but so true!

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