Each Mess a Teaching Moment

Wednesday June 12, 2013

In life and in my living room, it’s true.

Each mess is a teaching moment.

Every mom faces that moment when she has to decide: Do I pick it up myself (and get it done in five minutes flat) or do I make the kids do it (and face whining and complaints and a not-so-great job completed thirty minutes later)?

Too often, we opt for the easy road. We cave and we clean it up ourselves.

If each mess is a teaching moment, we need to use it, not short-circuit it. If we take all the responsibility ourselves, we enable our children, reinforcing today’s entitlement mentality. (For more specific tips on How to Guide Kids to Good Cleaning Habits, check out my post today on Kids Faith Garden.)

And in life?

I’m too often like the kids, whining and complaining about my mess.

I, too, want to short-circuit and get to the good stuff rather than sit back and learn through the trial.

As a mom, as a wife, as a daughter of the King, I need to remember:

Each mess is a teaching moment.

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Beth said...

I couldn't agree more, Laura Lee. However, I wasn't always the greatest at teaching my kids to clean up their messes when they were little. They were just so darn cute! But better late than never! I did up the bar in their teen years and I've seen my two oldest really kick in gear now that they don't want "mom" doing everything for them. But the best part of your post is how messes are teaching moments in our "lives" as well. I know I learn best from failure. I'm hard-headed that way! ;) Thanks for this encouraging and wise word, sweet friend!

Unknown said...

Love this post, Laura. I'm planning to share it on my round up of great posts this coming Friday!

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