Monday July 29, 2013

I open my Bible each morning, but I usually don't I preface my reading with, “I wonder why this was written?”

But I’m learning that’s so important because, surprisingly, it speaks to me, where I am, right now.

I’m learning that the gospels reveal much more about Christ—and about me in relation to Him—that I had imagined.

Look at the stories. The people.

We see disciples who just don’t get it. They see healings, they hear His words, they know the ancient scriptures…yet they ask if the Suffering Servant if they can have places of honor at His right and left.

They promise they will NEVER fall away; and they do. They deny, they run, they flee in fear.

Yet the writers don’t attempt to paint a more attractive picture of themselves, do they? Perhaps that’s because, in retrospect, they have the bigger picture.

They know they’re not the righteous; they’re the sinners He came for.
Oh, not at first.
At the beginning, like the rest of us…

1. They’re blind. They hear He’s the Messiah, the Son of God, but they really don’t fathom what that means until He hangs on the cross and emerges from a tomb. So they keep expecting him to do political messiah type things.

How am I blind? Do I ever expect God to do political messiah type things—fix life here so it’s more like heaven? Make people nicer, better, kinder? Do I sometimes want Him to swoop in and cure the earthbound political system?

2. They’re bound. They want to stay by His side; they pledge to. They say they’ll pray, but they sleep. They can’t do what they will. Until His sacrifice has been made and His spirit is there to bolster them, they’re bound.  

How am I bound? Oh, my. How many times do I say I will—pray, read, study, be His hands and feet—and I don’t? “The spirit is willing, but…”

3. They’re people, just like us. They fall short. They misinterpret the Maker, place expectations on Him according to their own situations and perceived needs.

That all sounds like a pretty pessimistic picture of the disciples (and us), but it’s not the end of the story.

He told them they’d all fall away, and they did.

And knowing they would flee, He told them he’d go before them and see them again in Galilee—and He did.

Despite their disloyalties and inconsistencies, their fear and their failure, He went ahead of them…and welcomed them again with open arms.

Despite our misplaced loyalties and priorities, our fears and failure, He continues to go before us, even when we don’t get it; all we have to do is follow.

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Heather said...

I'm so glad that He loves me despite my failings and mishaps. He's such a gracious,loving God.

Kim @ Pouring Down Like Rain said...

Laura Lee,

This is so beautiful and so true of our relationship with Christ. He is always there waiting for us to return to Him. To get it. Thank you for blessing me today. Kim

Beth said...

It really is so simple, "Just follow." But I often want to make it more complex, Laura Lee! Your words reflect where my mind has been lately. I'm "blind" and "bound" and I can't quite stay next to His side without "falling away" sometimes and I wonder how He can be so forgiving. But I'm encouraged by your reminder that He is gracious, forgiving and all I have to do is follow Him--grab His hand again. Thanks for a timely word, my friend!

Laura said...

You know, I just read Kim's post about the Holy Spirit and then I hop over here and read this. It makes me so aware of the difference the Spirit makes in our lives, Laura. I'm so grateful that all I need do is follow. Trying to open myself up to that truth.

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