A Summer Redeemed

Tuesday August 27, 2013

It was a summer redeemed.

When Jen of Soli Deo Gloria asked us to share snapshots of our summer--the refreshing, the renewal--I immediately thought of the redemption this summer represents for our family.

What did God redeem? Tough times, uncertainty, a change in path.

On January 6, 2012, our third son was hit head on while traveling to his teaching job in Kentucky. And life changed in an instant. His injuries were serious and required two weeks in the hospital and two weeks in a rehab center. Then he came home to Florida, to recover with us, spending three months in a wheelchair and then in intensive physical therapy.
The wonderful young lady who was in his life then is now his wife.

During that time, there was much prayer, lots of patience, and some very tough times.

But none of us ever felt alone; we knew that, even through the darkest of nights, God was right there walking the path with us.

And this precious young lady walked the path right alongside my son. When my son was woke up in the hospital days after the accident, she was there. When he started taking small steps, she was there. Even when she had to be back home at her teaching job, in spirit and prayer, she was there. When he was told he might never walk without a brace, she was there.

 And this summer, God brought beauty from the broken.

Because, you see, that's what He does.

This summer, my son walked out of that church with his precious bride with no cane, no brace. Praise be to God!

It was truly a summer redeemed, capped off by a day full of praise for what He has done.

And we're so thankful.

I'm linking up with Laura, Michelle, and Jen today.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful story of redemption! I'm visiting from the SDG sisters link-up. Thanks for sharing! :)

Unknown said...

LOVE! hope your school day went well.

Shonya said...

Blinking away tears.
They look so happy-and the Lord has surely showered blessings on you all!
Redeemed indeed.

Unknown said...

I have tears, too, Laura. I am so filled with joy for you and your son. Praise God for how He redeems!

Barbara H. said...

Beautiful pictures! Such a sweet happy ending/new beginning.

Annette Whipple said...

A summer redeemed, indeed. Beautiful!

(And congratulations!!)


I rejoice with you,Laura.


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