Be kind...

Friday August 23, 2013

Be kind.

Why? To whom?

Stay turned for my fifth fave, a quote, and you’ll find out.

I’m linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five, where we share the top five blessings from the week. Join us!

My favorites this week:

1. My creative writing classes. What a joy this is! I have taught drama for years and loved it, but this was the year to switch over to creative writing. I’ll still be working with drama for our Madrigal Dinner and helping with the musical, but our new (wonderful) drama teacher has the reins of the program. She’s fun and young and energetic and awesome. And I’m loving teaching creative writing. Being with kids who love to read and to write is just so great! Watching their creativity flow is awesome. They inspire me!

2. Progress. Every day brings our grandchild from India a step closer. Here’s the latest update from our kids, Jonathan and Kristen:

“The final draft of our homestudy has been sent to our agency. Pending approval we will then be registered in the online database over in India. At that point we will officially be awaiting a referral! Jon and I are praying that our homestudy review looks good and that sometime next week we will get word that we are actually on the waiting list. Please continue to pray for the Lord's provision as we begin applying for grants in the following months. We still have quite a long way to go concerning finances but God has provided for every step so far.” More info here. 

3. My article! I got a copy of my magazine article in the mail—exciting! It’s in the latest issue of Lifeway’s ParentLife magazine.

4. Teaching in college. I’m teaching two college classes as an adjunct starting next week. I’m really excited!

5. This quote:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” (Philo of Alexandria)

This quote is a good reminder for me. It’s easy to get frustrated by people and what they do and say sometimes, and it’s also easy to forget that there’s usually a reason. When I remember that we’re all fighting battles, I’m reminded that there’s more behind that sulk or frown or insult than meets the eye. One remedy I’ve found? A little compassion in the form of a smile or a hug.

Wishing you some kindness this week,

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Faith said...

What wonderful faves you have listed! Yay for the adoption being a step closer. And how fun to teach creative writing AND do some college level teaching!! That is just what my hubby hopes to do when he "retires" from his regular software tech job. I love that quote and yes...sometimes a hug or gentle touch or smile....does wonders. Enjoy the weekend Laura!!

Hazel said...

Your Creative Writing class sounds fun and interesting. Wish I could be in one or better, have you as the teacher. I wonder what do they mean by "great" in 'fighting a great battle.'

Jerralea said...

My! What blessings!

Congrats on your article being published. And your adjunct teaching gig!

Really all your 5 show that you are one blessed lady!

Barbara H. said...

How neat to have your article in print!

I'd love to take your creative writing class!

I didn't know you were teaching college classes, too! Sounds fun, but busy.

I'm so happy for the adoption progress.

I need to remind myself of that quote often. I've heard a similar one along the lines that it's the most unloveable people that need love the most.

Heather said...

I know you cannot wait to meet your new Granddaughter!! :)

Congrats on your article! How neat! You are a great write and encourager. I'm honored to call you friend.

I love that quote and over the years I have definitely learned it. Have a blessed weekend,Laura!

nikkipolani said...

That is a wonderful quote -- helps fight snarkiness and excessive sarcasm ;-)

Wow, you are doing so many new things this year! Is this your first time teaching college students? I'm sure they'll love your enthusiasm!

Susanne said...

Great quote. I try to tell myself that when I'm losing patience with people. We never know the battle they are fighting or what happened that day that cause they're actions.

Congrats on the article. So exciting for you, a book and article published so close together. God is doing great things!

Brenda said...

How very exciting to be teaching in college! And for the published article, lots of good news.

I love that say, it is so true, we are never fully aware of the struggles of others.

Willow said...

You encourage me to look at the new students with anticipation and not focus just on the prep work and the papers I will have to correct. It WILL be a good year!

Love that quote. Must remind myself of it. Regularly.

My husband is an adjunct prof and prefers it to being on a tenure track. Hurray for you getting hired for college courses!

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