Valentine's Day and beyond...

Friday February 14, 2014 

Giving love away… 

On Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

More about that later.

I’m linking up with the Friday’s Fave Five ladies, while we share our blessings of the week.

What are yours?

My favorites this week: 

1. Journeys. My youngest son is certainly on one as he’s working on the broadcast of the Olympics in Sochi. It’s been great to talk to him and text back and forth and to get pictures like the one above. I’d know the back of that head anywhere! 

2. Completion. The research paper my students write is a major project, and we’ve completed a good portion of it. The rough draft is coming, but it’s nice to celebrate the last of the note card grading! Also, I finished an article for ParentLife magazine last weekend and got it all sent off. A good feeling.

3. A book list and babies. A former student of mine will take off this weekend to go to China and get her new daughter and son. Theirs is a precious story. They will bring home a little boy and girl with dwarfism characteristics who will be warmly welcomed into their family of two American-born daughters and two Ethiopian-born toddlers. Missy emailed to ask for ideas for books for the long flight over, and I was only too glad to oblige. What fun to put together a recommended reading list for someone you hold dear!

4. Gifts. I know it’s fun to get gifts, but it’s so much fun to give a gift someone really likes. My mom is pretty much house-bound (especially in this weather), and she loves flowers. If I send her roses, they’re nice for a short while, but I happened upon this bucket of bulbs that sprout and grow indoors. She loves watching them come up and bloom, little by little, for weeks.
5. A quote: 

“God has called us into the joyous ministry of giving His love away to others.” (Don Lessin) 

Valentine’s Day is wonderful when you have a loved one who values you, but there’s so much more to love than those roses and chocolates. Day after day, season after season, we have the privilege of giving God’s love away to others. I’m thankful for that “joyous ministry.”

Wishing you God’s love in the coming week,


Faith said...

oh Laura your faves are filled with joy. I too love that quote and the thoughts you wrote about it. so important...our daily ministry of just loving others so they can "see" God. I've been watching for a red head but my daughter and I haven't had any luck thus far..then again we are mainly watching the figure skating so...glad you got this pic!
And that is wonderful news about your former student. How excited she and her family must be to welcome new babes into their home. God bless them!! Enjoy your day

Susan said...

What a delightful pressie to give to your mom, Laura. What is the name of the tulips that grow indoors? I don't have much light in my apartment or patio and maybe these would work for me too.

What a relief for you and your students to be so far along in their majour writing project. I look forward to hearing more about your submitted article. How awesome that your hard work and talent are paying off.

Have a great Valentine's Weekend!

Barbara H. said...

What a thrill for your son to be in Sochi!

It's nice to get some projects done.

I love those bulbs - would love to know where to get them.

Jerralea said...

I think everyone is agreeing that we'd like to know where you got that bucket of bulbs! What a thoughtful gift for your mom.

Love the idea of "joyous ministry," it ties in so well with my recent thoughts on encouragement.

I had to chuckle at you saying you'd know the back of that head anywhere. Our babies will always be known to us, no matter how grown-up they get.

Shonya said...

Lots in this post! What a great opportunity for your son. Congrats on the article for the magazine. I always love to hear of families being blessed with another child--esp through adoption! ;)

And, as always, I love the quote. The quotes you share always bless me!

Happy Valentine's Day, Laura!

ellen b. said...

Enjoyed reading your post and what's going on near and far from you. Love that photo of the back of your son's head! What a great experience for him to be in Sochi.
Love is so much bigger than this day and it's so amazing that we were loved first...

Gattina said...

Must be very interesting to work at the Olympics !
We had Sushis for our Valentine, it's a real treat as they are very expensive here in Belgium.

Hazel said...

An awesome Olympics shot! What a nice week you had - flowers, friends, and a portion of writing stuff done.

Willow said...

I love the idea of giving those bulbs instead of cut flowers. And then later she can even plant them in the garden :)
That shot of your son is priceless!
I had to laugh about the note cards being finished and graded. there's a reason I only work with elementary kids--they don't have to make note cards and plan huge writing projects--just short three paragraph ones.
Hurray for those new little ones coming HOME!

LivingforGod said...

That's cool! Your son must be having a great time :). Giving a bucket of bulbs is a great idea. I love that quote. It's indeed a privilege to be a part of this joyous ministry.

Susanne said...

What an experience of a lifetime for your son! I'm sure he will have tons of stories when he comes home!

What a sweet gift that keeps on giving. My mom too loves flowers, I'll have to keep my out for something similar.

Sharing and giving away God's love is such a precious and joyous ministry for sure! Love the quote!

Mia said...

Glad your son is enjoying his Sochi experience! And how exciting for your friends who are adopting... thanks for the link to their blog, I am enjoying learning about their journey.

That bucket of bulbs is such a beautiful gift idea! How lovely!

nikkipolani said...

I LOVE that shot of your son! He is surely having a unique time -- and shares some of that experience with you with texts and pictures.

How I remember notecards. I never understood the purpose of them until about my third term paper and the aha hit.

Wonderful gift choice for your mom. And a great example of extending God's love to her.

Kathie said...

Such a perfect present for your mom - I love watching the buds form and then the blossoms come. She'll be enjoying it for weeks! A little bright spot of spring inside.

How exciting for your son to be at the Olympics - you'll be getting the inside scoop.

Hope your week is going well!

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