A Glimpse of My Worth

Friday April 18, 2014 

What am I worth?

And how in the world can I relate to a God who sits in the heavens?

 Easter, the cross—they proclaim my worth.

Stay tuned for my fifth favorite, a quote that reminds me how an age-old story rings clear and true today.

I’m linking up with the ladies of Friday’s Fave Five, as we recount our blessings for the week. I’ve been away for a while, busy with life. So this will cover more than this week!

My favorites:

1. Oklahoma! Our fine arts students did an incredible job of performing Oklahoma, and a good time was had by all. They simply outdid themselves—as did our new director, Rachel Cox. I was honored to be her assistant, but I did little, in reality. The coolest thing about this? Ten years ago she was my student, and now she’s my colleague. The Drama department is in capable hands. She’s the best. So proud of her and our students.

2. Some time off. We have our Easter Break now, and I’m enjoying every second of it. It’s a little harbinger of summer, which is not too far away for us. And part of what I’m enjoying is the end of research paper grading! This big project is over for this year, thank heavens. I’m enjoying reading, writing…all of those good things.

3. A night at the theatre. My sweet husband got us tickets to The Screwtape Letters. It was awesome. Entertaining, thought-provoking, a great night out.

4. An opportunity for ministry. I write for The MOB Society (for moms of boys), and I’m enjoying being part of their Titus Two Team. We answer questions sent in by moms every Saturday. Last week a question about losing it with your kids prompted our leader to open a Facebook page called “No More Angry MOB,” and in one day, over 1000 moms had joined. The dialogue on the page is heart-rending as moms begin to realize they’re not alone in their struggles, as they search for ways to raise their children with a sense of the gospel, as they pour out their hearts and seek practical solutions for the challenges of motherhood. It’s a real blessing. If you are—or know of—a mom who would be interested, you can read more here in “How Do I Stop Yelling?”.

5. A quote that reminds me of what’s important about Easter:

“The Cross provides a stunning glimpse of my value in the sight of an omniscient God. The suffering and death of Christ is the price tag that God has set to secure my everlasting life WITH HIM. How much more valuable could I be in the sight of God -- whose appraisal is the only one that matters? There is no room for pride; there is no room for despair; there is ONLY room for humble worship and gratitude!” (Sam Kastensmidt)

Hoping you sense your worth to Him today,


Gattina said...

Good week for you ! I think it's very nice to help mothers how to deal with their boys especially when they are in puberty ! I remember it was a hard time, lol !

Faith said...

Love the cast photo and yay for a former student working alongside you. That must make your heart happy. Love the quote. Happy resurrection day to you, Laura. Don't forget to let me know if and when you come to NY😄

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hello -new follower and Friday Fave Five blogger. I am also a teacher and love that your student is now your colleague. That production of Oklahoma sounds first rate. Have a blessed Easter!

Susanne said...

Glad you are enjoying your time off and doing things you like! How fun that you now get to work with someone who was your student!

Clella said...

It just makes me feel so blessed to have you for my friend when I read your Friday faves. I should say this publicly more often. thanks Laura

Barbara H. said...

How fun to have done "Oklahoma!" especially with a student-turned-colleague!

Spring break is such a lovely invention.

The MOB column sounds like it is ministering greatly.

It is such a blessing to know that He loved us enough to pay so much for us at such great cost to Himself.

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