In Over My Head

Friday May 16, 2014

Ever been in over your head?

It’s scary and exciting all at the same time…

Stay tuned for more as my fifth favorite, a quote, sheds a little light on that.

I’m linking up with Friday’s Fave Five where we share five blessings from the past week.

My favorites this week:

1. Graduation! Yes, the last Groves boy has graduated from college. What a great combination weekend it was – Graduation and Mother’s Day – and we had ALL the boys together, along with two wonderful daughters-in-law and an awesome grandson. It was just great having them all together. So proud of the youngest as he graduates, works, gets his own place. Just wish we were closer geographically—to all of them!

2. Hospitality. Our third son, Andrew, and his sweet wife hosted all of us. We had 8 adults, a six month old puppy, and a three year old boy packed in, and happy chaos ensued. It was great to see all they’ve done to their first Home Sweet Home. They were truly gracious hosts.

3. Endings and beginnings. Today is the last Friday of the school year for us. Looking forward to having time for other pursuits after that. (More on that in #5.)

4. Summer. More travels to share time with family are ahead, and it’s easy for me to get excited about that. I love to travel and we’ll get to see some family members we only see once a year.

5. This quote:

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” (T.S. Eliot)

This quote made me smile, and it made me think of my new endeavor. I start working on my Ph.D. this summer. I’m reading for the first class, and I am loving it. It’s exciting and a little scary.

And another thing about that quote—if I had said it, I’d modify it a bit. For me, it would read:

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how big God is?” (Laura Lee Groves)

I’ve felt a definite pull toward this course of study, and all the preparation I’m doing is confirming that. Anything new is a bit scary, but when you know Who is walking beside you, it is so exciting.

I can’t wait to see what He will do with this new journey.

Wishing you some “over your head” times this week,


nikkipolani said...

Wow -- what a milestone for your family with that last graduation! I like the sound of happy chaos. I can't believe you're already transitioning to summer studies.

Gattina said...

I wished my DIL was sweet ! but she is as sweet as a cactus, lol !

Faith said...

Oh wow Laura!! You are a real empty nester now!! Congrats to your son and how awesome that your son and daughter in law were gracious hosts. I'm excited to see how God is gonna work in your life regarding your PhD program. Have a restful weekend!!

Monica said...

Amen Sister! I love your perspective on the unknown. So good that your family was all together. Our first is just graduating from college. We have a long road ahead. {{sigh}}
BUT, I know Who is walking with me! :) have a blessed weekend!

Hazel said...

Your family together sounds just grand! Congratulations on starting PhD.

Jerralea said...

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how big God is?” (Laura Lee Groves)

I like your version better!

Congratulations on your last child graduating from college! What a milestone! And then you decide to go back to school for your PhD! Best wishes on that - I'm sure you will do fabulously.

Willow said...

Wow, congratulations on beginning your PHD courses! I'm impressed!
And congratulations to your son on his graduation. How well do I remember that day when child #4 graduated from college. My hubby and I smiled and hugged each other--well done, Parents!
We'll be in FL in June doing the same thing as you--visiting those wandering kids.

Susanne said...

I love the modification you made on the quote. It is certainly convicting my heart. It's so easy to get comfortable and in a rut!

Congrats to your son! You have lots to be proud of.

Barbara H. said...

Love your modification on the quote. How exciting to start PhD classes!

Congrats to your son! It's wonderful the whole family could get together for the weekend.

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