Holding on, Letting go

Friday June 26, 2015

As moms, we spend our lives trying to strike a balance.

How much to hold on, how soon to let go.

I'm writing at The MOB Society today about Staying Close As You Let Go.

And in that spirit, I offer you some poetry written for my first son as he graduated from high school. Its message resounded for each of my boys (and for many of their friends, my students) as they "left the nest."


There it is – The fluttering.

You can always hear it this time of year
As they perch on the edge, wings flapping madly, oh-so-ready to take the plunge.

This year it’s deafening.
I not only hear the fluttering
I feel it
Right in the pit of my stomach…
No, in the bottom of my heart.

This time there are so many who have a place in my heart.
As I watch them turn and smile and wave
I see chubby little hands linked in friendship
I recall trips to Ocean World
Choo-choo train birthday parties,
Boosterthon and field day so long ago.

But this is the way of things.
Seasons change; things grow and flower.
It’s part of His grand design.

So, go ahead.
Flap really hard as you step off.
And don’t look down.
Keep your eyes above and your hand in His.

Flutter on.
Flutter away.


faithfulwiththelittle said...

I have 4 boys...and 1 girl.They are all 10 and under still but I can already see them growing and flying away. It excites me to see them grow and develop their giftings and callings but it deeply saddens me also. I love this time of being needed and getting to hold them close. Thank you for this beautiful poem and your post on mob society. It was perfect...We give to them so we are no longer needed and it is God we need to trust them to.

Tefl courses online by hani said...

Your words are so beautiful and I hope your son will achieve his goals and gain happy things in life.

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