Letting Go

Tuesday March 16, 2010

I know what we do is important.

But they do, at some point, make their own choices.

My husband is a case in point. Check out this conversation:

He: At my house growing up, there was nothing to snack on! No chips, no pretzels…If you wanted to snack, Mom would say, “Go get some saltines.”

Me: Hmm. Then how did you become the inveterate snacker that you are today?

He: It was a lot of work. It was a challenge, and I worked very hard at it.

This from a man who is not a beanpole, but he’s not the 350 lbs. I would be if I snacked like he does. (So unfair, isn’t it?)

His mama tried. She didn’t raise him with a cabinet full of chips, but he does love his snacks now. And perhaps she planted a seed – sometimes he buys lightly salted chips.

But, see? At some point, they make their own choices.

We moms do the best we can, then at some point, we have to let go.

We can’t be responsible for everything they do and say the rest of their lives.

So, do the best you can.
Impart wisdom, give guidance, love them, and pray.

Then let go.


Lisa notes... said...

Such important and insightful words! You're right--we do the best we can, and know ultimately they make their own choices and God will guide them and protect them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Deb said...

Are we talking about husbands or kids? Or both?

Doesn't matter.

Your advice works for both!

Sweet dreams.

Rita said...

You can't say it any better:
Impart wisdom, give guidance, love them, and pray.

Very nice.

Karen said...

That relieves a lot of mom guilt too. Good words, Laura.

Carrie Cooper said...

carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

Its scary though, isnt it? We hope with all our hearts that the foundation we lay supports wise decisions.

Jean Wise said...

Sometimes all we can do is put them - kids and hubbies - into the hands of God and let go. The controlling mama doesn't like it but letting go is often the best action to take. Thanks for your words of wisdom

SuziCate said...

yes, that goes in all areas, we do the best we can and hope when they're on their own they will remember their roots!

Heather said...

Well said, it puts things into perspective. Thanks.

Carrie Anne Schmeck said...

Love it. So true. Kind of puts those control issues in perspective. :-)

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