Love and Comfort Zones

Thursday February 17, 2010

I’m warm and comfy.
I settle in, nestle.
Something catches my eye and I glance up. Then I feel a nudge.
I shove it away and close my eyes to the light.
I hunker down and nestle deeper.
The nudge returns, stronger, but I shift my weight, find a soft spot, and pull the cover up.

But the warmth dissipates. The cover’s protection wanes.
That light I shut my eyes against? I feel its warmth.
And the nudge? When I look closely, I see it’s a hand.

When I reach out, I’m bathed in the warmth of the light and gripped by a warm, strong hand.
Supported by love, I step from my comfort zone.

What am I learning about God’s love? It’s there, it’s warm and faithful.
It nudges me from my comfort zone, but I don’t step out alone.

Linking up with Bonnie today for What I'm Learning About God's Love, part of her Unwrapping Love series.



Lisa notes... said...

"It nudges me from my comfort zone, but I don’t step out alone."
Oh, we are so blessed to be loved by God! Thanks, Laura.

Deidra said...

So gentle, this God who loves us so!

Anonymous said...

We just have to trust in Him. :o)

penguinsandladybugs said...

wow! I've heard it said that if you are comfortable, you aren't in God's will. Not sure if that is always the case, but.... wow!

Sheryl said...

Beautiful word pictures. I like to call that the "groan zone"---moving out of comfort always leads me to a little groaning, but it is always worth it.

Unknown said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Calming, welcoming, a whisper of the One who knows...

Michelle DeRusha said...

Oh I like this, Laura!

Bonnie Gray said...

Laura, you are creative.. ! Loved how it was used to bring us to God's love in this post!

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