What kind of cook are you?

Wednesday February 2, 2010

I came across an article in the newspaper this weekend about reluctant cooks. Apparently there's a new book out called The Crabby Cook Cookbook by Jessica Harper. It looks interesting and witty at the same time, but this isn't necessarily a review.

The article (and the cookbook title) got me to thinking about cooking for my family.

I'm not a crabby cook; in fact, I love to cook for my family. That's not to say I'm a domestic goddess or a gourmand. But in our family, food something we share. We have always had dinner together around the table, and that's made for some interesting times.

So food and family stir together to make good memories for me. And my bunch enjoys eating. Not a one is huge or eats to excess; they just enjoy eating and they express it.

It's fun to cook for people like that! I love it when they walk in and ask, "What's for dinner?" and even more when they mumble around the first bite (with a smile on their faces), "Mmmm, this is good!"

I especially love to cook when there's time to pour into it. I didn't so much enjoy it when there were four little bitty ones around my feet and I was scrambling to change diapers, supervise homework, and still get food on the table. But there are even good memories of those crazy days.

So, what about you? What kind of cook are you? What kind of mealtime memories do you have?


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of mixed. I love family dinners and sometimes enjoy cooking, but often chafe at having to stop what I am doing to go make a meal. And sometimes I just hate thinking about what to plan. But I try to remember that's part of my ministry to my family and that even Jesus cooked for people.

Ang said...

Family dinnertime is important to us, especially as the kids get older and have extra-curricular activities pulling at their schedules.

One blessing of my husband being out of work right now is that he cooks dinner most of the time. I have to admit that I am enjoying the break very much! He's a good cook, and I like that he encourages the boys to help.

Bonus: One of the best hands-on fractions lessons is measuring ingredients in the kitchen!

mdforkids said...

Well right now I'm in the little ones at my feet begging for food phase..so I'm a little on the crabby side.

But...when I have time and the kids are happily playing? I love to cook and I always enjoy sitting down together to eat as a family. Even if it only lasts 5-10 minutes :)

Annette W. said...

I just found you and heard great things about your book today. :)

I am a try-to-plan-forget-until-almost-dinner kind of cook. :) Thankfully we have a pasta dish about once a week...and a breakfast dish another night...and lots of leftovers in between! I am thankful for a husband who appreciates a good meal that lasts for a couple of days.

I prefer to bake though.

Jean Wise said...

well I AM a crabby cook. I remember feeding the kids as toddlers, brainwashing them that their mommy was a great cook. My only saving grace is now Bill is cooking part of the time. LOL

Victoria said...

I'm an experimental cook. I'm always on the lookout for recipes that our vastly different tastes will enjoy. Sometimes it's a win, sometimes a loss, but it's always fun. I don't cook as much as I should though, and that is my biggest flaw. On the other hand, I bake way more than I should.

Karen said...

I like to cook, but hate to do the dishes. I love trying new recipes and cherish the old ones. So I don't know what I am.

Pamela said...

Cooking is something I wouldn't do if it wasn't a necessity. It's more fun if I try something new. My daughter does the dishes (with my husband's help a lot of the time). I definately have the best job!

Unknown said...

Truth be told, I'm a crabby cook and a lazy one. Mealtime memories include all of us except Dad sitting around the table waiting, waiting for him to come sit down, while dinner got cold. Not one of our best times. I hope to change that for my family.

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