Closer to the Light

Tuesday June 21, 2011

Last Tuesday’s post, “Trust the Catcher,” evoked lots of empathy.

“I know how this is.” “I’ve been there.” “My problem is misplaced trust.”

One of my sons has dealt with his need for trust lately as he looks toward his future. In talking with him, I realized—don’t we all?

I doubt any of us reach Jedi Master status in trust and stop, hovering around the pinnacle. Sometimes we take one step forward and move no further; often we’ll slip back a bit. Or we trust Him in some areas and not in others. When I have a job I can say, “I know my future career changes are in God’s hands,” but if I were unemployed, I’d likely find trust a lot more difficult. And trust is a bit more elusive when my teen is out on rain-slick roads after eleven.

So what do I do?

I look to my right shoulder and, finding no trust angel hovering there, I turn to the left—to the dark counterpart, worry. And that’s where I camp.

And why isn’t trust just hovering over my right shoulder, waiting for me? Oh, it is—I’m just too far from the Source to see it. I’m living in darkness, and worry is oh-so-much closer.

So I tell myself, once again,"Step into the light."

The closer I am to my Source, the easier it is to let go. And fly. And trust the Creator.

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Unknown said...

Amen! I love the visual you painted with words here, Laura. I will flick the worry off the right shoulder and head to the light. How empowering you are!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging post. Sometimes it seems as if life is careening out of control, but God is always at the wheel!

Jean Wise said...

Love this image and the story it illustrates. Closer to the light will be my prayer this week, Thanks

Karen said...

Step into the light. Isn't it amazing how sometimes we like the darkness? Great imagery, Laura, I like it.


I am so grateful for THE LIGHT.


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