The Wall: Saturday Centus

Saturday June 11, 2011

I'm linking up with Jenny Matlock today for Saturday Centus. It's usually a 100-word write, but this week the word count was increased to 200 and a prompt was given. The prompt? Begin with "The wall was built long ago." You'll see Jenny's button at the bottom of the post if you'd like to link up anytime this week.

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The wall was built long ago.

Fashioned of bitterness, hurtful words, grudges long held. It had stood so long that I often forgot it was there.

Lately, though, the wall beckoned me. What could it be like on the other side?

I could see a hint of sun through a crack or two, and I thought of the freedom that lay just over the barrier.

But was it worth it?

I was happy over here…kind of. Life could be counted on; it was predictable. But my space seemed limited, confining. I knew those bricks would not come down without a fight. I’d have to reach inside and let go.

Let go of bitterness, angry memories, preconceived notions that had taken on a reality of their own. I took a deep breath, reached out, and, with my knuckles, I sought an edge, a crack that I could use to make an opening. Again I tried, but nothing moved.

Looking down at my bruised knuckles, I stretched my fingers just a bit. Ignoring the tear I felt inside, I felt a rush of fresh air that blew the pain away. My fingers began to uncurl slowly, aching for freedom. With an open hand, I grasped a brick and plucked it out as it it were air. The sweet sound of crumbling followed my first steps into freedom.

Jenny Matlock


Susan Anderson said...

NIce! I think we were sort of on the same page here.

Freedom is a good thing.


Dazee Dreamer said...

That was awesome. I was seeing everything I was reading. I love it when someones words do that to me.

Jenny said...





Let me just read this again.

You did what I was attempting to do with total brilliance and eloquence and amazing word-crafting.


Please come play on SC again. You can really write.

Karen said...

I lived that one, Laura. Wow.

Jo said...

oh freedom is sometimes so hard to attain ... so very well written, i enjoyed this immensely!

cj Schlottman said...

This piece is so visual and visceral. The wall in totally visible, as were your bruised hands, and I could feel that swoosh of air as your injured finger broke through to freedom.



Nonna Beach said...

Outstanding job !

The struggle and singular battle to attain freedom was so striking and palatable. The flow and force of the story made me ponder how so often we take so much of what we have in this life for granted ! said...

That last line made me breathe a sigh of relief and say "Wow." This is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

Clella said...

Oh Laura!!! Another example of excellence. Beautiful use of words. Love you Clella

Kat said...

What a beautiful use of the prompt. This was so well written, I could feel her struggle. Well done! Kat

Judie said...

Excellent use of the prompt, Laura. Taking down a wall brick by brick is a monumental task. I know because I've done it.

Tgoette said...

A very original and creative take on the prompt! Excellent!

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