Say thank you.

Monday November 12, 2012

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun.

How will you show gratitude today?

Find someone who:
  • Helps without being asked. What a great model!
  • Needs a hug. Someone in need prompts me to value my own blessings.
  • Is “just doing their job,” and gets no recognition. She needs to feel valued.
  • Is battling something. He helps me put my struggles in perspective.
  • Just blesses you by being there. This person sometimes isn’t even aware what a blessing she is. Tell her!
  • Has served our country. On this day after Veteran’s Day, let a veteran know how much he or she is appreciated. And tell them about Golden Corral’s Military Appreciation Monday, where every veteran receives a free dinner. More information here.
Here’s your—and my—chance to show gratitude today, and bless someone in the process.
I'm linking up with Laura, Jen, and Michelle today.


Faith said...

I loved this!!! thanks for sharing such good ideas.

Jean Wise said...

GReat reminders, Laura. Sometimes all we have to do is look someone in the eyes, recognize them and smile at them. Can do wonders to encourage someone and give them acceptance and love.

Beth said...

Great assignment, Laura! So practical and I'm sure we'll end up the ones blessed for having taken it up!

Lisa notes... said...

Now I'm looking around to see who I can say thank you to. Thanks, Laura. You are always such a positive spot to visit!

Jennifer @ said...

I just got a new set of encouragement postcards, and this post inspires me to send one to a person who is just doing her job but gets no recognition. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Sad to say...I actually thanked my 87 yr.old dad for fighting for our freedom...I just always took it for granted...counting my blessings has opened my eyes in so many ways~ great reminder...blessings~

Laura said...

Good words, Laura. Time has been whiz zing by and I can hardly believe its almost thanksgiving ! I needed this reminder to be more deliberate in my gratitude. Thank you!

Alicia said...

I love these reminders... great ideas. I am going to be on the look out tomorrow for someone who needs a little recognition for "just doing her job" :) Glad I stopped by from SDG

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